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NYC Department of Education Makes Intervention Decision on Boys & Girls High School

On Monday, the NYC Department of Education announced their plans to close eleven district schools and recommended that the state not renew the charter of one charter school. Yesterday, the DOE announced 14 additional schools to be closed immediately or by phase out. That left 30 schools that were chosen by the DOE for intervention and support. Boys & Girls High School is one of those 30 schools that will receive individualized intervention and support along with federal education funds.
Commenting on the actions Councilman Al Vann said, “I applaud the DOE for keeping its commitment to Boys & Girls High School and its principal. Just as community leaders, other elected officials and I will be providing resources and support for the school, it is important that the DOE give Principal Gassaway the necessary resources and support he needs to succeed in returning the school to a standard of high academic achievement and comprehensive human development.”
In another decision the DOE  is closing Paul Robeson High School.  The Councilman issued a statement saying that “The decision to phase out Paul Robeson High School is disappointing and misguided. It appears that this has remained DOE’s plan, despite a State Supreme Court ruling that overturned last year’s decision to close the school. The DOE provided no additional assistance or support to a school they consistently disparaged and termed as ‘failing’.”
“Despite the absence of support from Tweed and a challenging environment, the school’s leaders have been able to modestly improve conditions at the school and were developing an intervention model to help turn things around. Their efforts should have been matched by the central administration, but instead the DOE continues in their short-sighted view of closing schools and shifting around students with academic challenges. Rather than closing schools, the DOE should be focused on providing comprehensive assistance and support to schools and students most in need, something that has thus far not occurred.”