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Women’s History Month: B.Smith

Barbara Elaine Smith, the legendary B. Smith, passed away on February 22, 2020 at age 71. She was the epitome of the “everywoman” — an American restaurateur, model, author, businesswoman, television host. She was self-made, self-honed. I was not shocked when I heard the news. I was aware she had been suffering from the early […]readmore


Crews Rocked Wrong Boat When “He Threw Gabrielle Union Under

Gabrielle Union, 47, departed NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” as showcase judge, after complaining of behind the scenes toxic “culture of racism” and work environment. Her grievances included AGT co-star Simon Cowell’s “acerbic behavior” and excessive smoking on the indoor set. NBC has appointed an independent investigator to look these matters. Current AGT host Terry Crews’ […]readmore

Other News

Robert Kelly Dodged Prison Because He Rapes Black Girls &

The Surviving R. Kelly docuseries was a ratings success for the Lifetime Network with a record-breaking 1.9 million viewers!! It was a three-night Must-See-TV event! Most of us had heard that he married then-15-year-old singer #Aaliyah in 1992 and about that infamous 2002 R. Kelly child pornography tape, where this nasty pedophile was paying a […]readmore

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I wasn’t even born when the incomparable singer, songwriter and pianist Aretha Louise Franklin got her first record deal with J.V.B. Records for her gospel album, “Songs of Faith” in 1955, at the tender age of 14, and then signed with Columbia Records for her first secular album, “Aretha: With The Ray Bryant Combo” in […]readmore


Netflix: Y’all Need to Chill—Part Two

By Lisa Durden Let me set some of y’all Black folks all the way straight who feel like Mo’Nique needed to take the money and keep it moving. NO!! Hell to the Hell NO!! Yes, Lisa Durden would have grabbed that dough and ran. But my name ain’t Mo’Nique. Do you people realize that she […]readmore