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Kamala Harris is the Most Disrespected Woman in America

By Lisa Durden

The late great Malcom X once said, “The most disrespected person in America is the black woman! The most unprotected person in America is the black woman! The most neglected person in America is the black woman!”

Sadly, that phenomenon still applies today! Even more disturbing, many times, it’s #WACK Black people, who are the perpetrators of said disrespect toward their own Black Women. C’mon, don’t act like y’all aren’t aware of this ugly fact! It’s the huge elephant in the room, that the Black community refuses to admit. To my dismay, on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, as soon as former Vice President Joe Biden announced that he had selected Senator Kamala Harris as his Vice-Presidential running mate, she became the most disrespected woman in America! 

Now, before y’all come for me because in this essay, I’m not criticizing white people who are shamelessly calling Mrs. Harris every name in the book, short of a “Nigger,” think…why would I state the obvious!! Sooooo, when that slovenly, piggish, Barry Presgraves, the Mayor of Luray, Virginia, brazenly referred to Kamala as “Aunt Jemima,” all over social media, I wasn’t shook, because I expect that kind of emboldened, behavior from a #Racist, #WhiteSupremacist. However, when reckless, Black, #MOTHERCLUCKERS, were all over social media, dragging Kamala through filth, it #MadeMyBrainBleed. What’s our excuse?? Be real clear, I am very aware that she is all the way grown; as a politician, being criticized comes with the territory. Yes, I’m also aware that there are online, racist, #Russian bots, manufacturing a negative, narrative about her as well. That’s not what this is! The vitriolic attacks by actual, living, breathing, walking, talking, Black people, under the auspices of…“keeping it real,” is what I take issue with. This is pure, raw, intentional, misogynoir being aimed at her, by self-hating Black folks. For those of you who have been under a rock and never heard that term, let me define it for you. #Misogynoir is the specific hatred, dislike, distrust, and prejudice, directed toward Black women. Please #StopTheViolenceAgainstBlackWomen! It’s a pandemic!
Kamala Harris will be the subject of my ongoing series through November, so I will keep this essay brief and to the point. Below are just three of the most disgustingly, outrageous lies told about her, unfortunately echoed by a lot of Black People:

LIE 1: “Kamala Harris Ain’t Black”
WRONG!! And absurd!! Kamala is a Black woman! #FullStop…#PERIOD! Nooooo, her going to #HowardUiversity and pledging the #AKA Sorority, DOES NOT PROVE SHE’S BLACK! That’s the stupidest defense I have ever heard. WOW!! Although I went to Seton Hall University, a mostly white college and didn’t pledge a sorority, I’m still Black! I’m #BlacketyBlack! LOL. Yes, Kamala is Black, because she was born Black! Nuff Said! Yup, both her parents are Black people. Her father is from Jamaica, yes..Jamaicans are Black! Her mother is from India and Indians are also Black! Yes…Indians ARE IN FACT BLACK!! #ISaidWhatISaid! As far as I’m concerned, #JoeBiden is lucky she said yes! A #BidenHarris ticket, raises his profile and positions him to #WinWithBlackWomen, come election day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020.


LIE 2: “Kamala Harris Locked Up Innocent Black People”
WRONG! As an Attorney General, Kamala fought for the use of body police cams. We all know, Banks racially profile Black people with illegal #PredatoryLending practices, so she put a stop to banks committing mortgage fraud in her tenure. A comprehensive article in USA Today, further outlined Kamala’s stellar track record. They pointed out that she was the most progressive DA in California, refusing to seek the death penalty — even on a case where a very respected police officer was tragically killed. Marijuana sales cases were routinely reduced to misdemeanors and marijuana possession cases were not even on the court’s docket. They were simply not charged. This was the reform-minded approach then-DA Harris’ office took. The accusations about marijuana prosecutions being harsh during her tenure are absurd. The reality was quite the opposite.
She co-founded the Coalition to End the Exploitation of Kids. She then spearheaded a task force combating the human trafficking of girls. She stopped prosecuting young girls for prostitution — acknowledging that they were victims who needed treatment for trauma and not criminals who needed to be incarcerated.
Did she convict people?? ABSOLUTELY!! She was doing her job! CORRECT! Kamala locked up guilty people. Yes, some were guilty Black people. That’s what DA’s do!

LIE 3: “Kamala Harris’ Ancestors Owned Slaves”
WRONG! That is not unique to Kamala. Yup, you read it correctly. Black folks are literally saying the Black community should not trust Kamala Harris, because her ancestors owned slaves. That’s highly possible. Your ancestors probably owned slaves too…if you’re a descendant of slaves, because the slave master raped and impregnated your foremothers, and now you’re here, with a slave master in your perennial closet. STOP BLAMING THE RAPE VICTIM!! At any rate, what does her rapist, slave master, ancestor, have to do with #KamalaHarrisVP2020?? NOTHING!! Particularly when every single white president’s ancestors owned Black slaves, but y’all blindly voted for them, with no complaint.
To Black people who are finding comfort, in disparaging Kamala Harris, you are clearly identifying with the oppressor, evidenced by your internalized self-hate! #YouNeedACouch!! If the shoe fits, wear it! If it don’t apply, let it fly! For those of you who have a problem with any part of this essay, #YouJustToldOnYourself!! By the way, if you noticed, nowhere in this essay, did I ever once mention who you should vote for?? Just a note!
Lisa Durden, is a TV personality and subject matter expert, in the areas of pop culture, politics and social issues. She’s the Host & Producer of the new #StopButalizingBlackBodiesPodcast on YouTube. In 2005, she launched, Lisa Durden Unlimited Productions, a Multi-Media Company headquartered in Newark, NJ, where she directs and produces award-winning content for film & Television. Website:

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