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Robert Kelly Dodged Prison Because He Rapes Black Girls & Women!!

The Surviving R. Kelly docuseries was a ratings success for the Lifetime Network with a record-breaking 1.9 million viewers!! It was a three-night Must-See-TV event! Most of us had heard that he married then-15-year-old singer #Aaliyah in 1992 and about that infamous 2002 R. Kelly child pornography tape, where this nasty pedophile was paying a 14-year-old girl money, then pissing in her mouth and raping her. But we had no idea about Robert Kelly’s reign of rape terror against a slew of other sexual assault victims: UNTIL NOW!!

Let’s keep it 100 shall we? R. Kelly did not have sex with underaged girls and women, HE RAPED THEM!! Why isn’t anyone calling it that?? And for those of you who have been under a rock and haven’t seen #SurvivingR.Kelly yet, I will not do a Spoiler Alert, but I will share this…Robert Kelly HAD ACCOMPLICES!! I do believe Andrea Kelly when she said that she was abused by her ex-husband Robert Sylvester Kelly during their 13-year marriage. BUUUUUUTTTT, my #SpideySense is telling me, that #MOTHERCLUCKETTE #DreaKelly is lying!! THERE IS NO #CLUCKING WAY SHE DID NOT KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON!! In the docuseries, many of Kelly’s #SexualAssultSurvivors said Drea was home during times when he had them held captive in the house, too. Now, I am very sensitive to the fact that she could have very possibly been going through #BatteredWomensSyndrome at the time, and it would have been a struggle for her to help those young women when she was being abused herself. But, and however, her marriage ended many years ago, so now, why won’t she simply say, “I knew!?” Is she ashamed because Kells made her participate in the Sexual Assault of those girls, too?? Can a #SerialChildRapist like #RKelly turn off his sickness when he’s around his own kids?? I doubt it!! Which made me wonder, has he also raped his children and Drea is in denial?? Why is Lisa Renee Durden the only media professional asking these questions!!??

That Bitch Ass #NeedGrow #DemetriusSmith, who is R. Kelly’s former tour manager and personal assistant, confessed in the series that not only was he the one who lied about Aaliyah’s age on their marriage certificate, listing her as 18, when in fact she was only 15, he was also the one who gathered girl’s numbers to give to Robert when they’d comb the malls and high schools looking to lure underage victims. That #Conkaline-wearing, pimp-looking music producer, #CraigWilliams, who said he saw beds in the music studio and underage girls waiting around in various rooms, and yet, HE DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!?? #MissMeWithThat fake, guilty, conscience. Backup singer #JovanteCunningham, who was 14 when she got in the R. Kelly camp, never accused him of raping her, but she did say she observed him having “sex” with Aaliyah on the tour bus and once saw her 17-year-old girlfriend #TiffanyTiaHawkins bent over, having “sex” with R. Kelly. I am in no way blaming her for anything that happened because she was a minor, too. But what peaked my curiosity was when she ended her statement with, “We were all right there!!” My ears began to burn!! I was like, WHAT THE WHAT?? WHO THE #CLUCK IS WE?? Which begs the question, how many other men and women in the Robert Kelly camp witness this child rapist sexually abuse these girls?? Or, did any of them join in?? Are there other sexual predators in the midst hiding in plain sight?? HE CANNOT BE THE LONE RAPIST IN HIS CREW!! #OMGIsItOnlyMe??

#EbroInTheMorning on Hot 97FM is my dude!! He called himself a “piece of shit” for interviewing R. Kelly and taking a picture with him on an occasion after the 2002 rape tape came out. I concur!! Then he dropped this comprehensive list of some artists in the #HipHop community who also worked with R. Kelly post the rape tape: #JayZ, #SwizzBeatz, #SnoopDog, #Nelly, #Camillionaire, #TI, #TPain, #Ludacris, #KeyshiaCole, #KeriHilson, #RobinThicke, #TheDream, #Tyrese, #KellyRowland, #TwoChainz, #Future, #Migos, #JuicyJ, #LilWayne, #Tinashe and #WizKid. #TheOptics are disturbing!! They are enablers!! EVERY ONE OF THESE ENTERTAINERS TURNED A BLIND EYE!! The only artist who stepped up like a #GrownAssMan and admitted that he made a mistake working with R. Kelly is #ChanceTheRapper. Chance said he thinks he saw Robert as a victim in the past because he’s from Chicago and because as a culture, we are hypersensitive to #BlackMaleOppression. He concluded, “Maybe I didn’t care because I didn’t value the accuser’s stories because they were Black women!!” Gee #YaThink!!



#JadaPinkettSmith joined the discussion when she posted on her #Instagram that she wants to know if the reason why R. Kelly’s music sales are up after the #SurvivingRKelly documentary is because Black girls don’t matter enough?? Great question! So, let me unpack this for your girl, sadly, no one cares about Joycelyn Savage and the other young women who have been raped or who are alleged to still be held captive in R. Kelly’s house because they are Black. If they were white women and abducted like #PattyHurst in the 1970s, #ElizabethSmart in 2002 and the three Cleveland women, #AmandaBerry, #GinaDeJesus and #MichelleKnight between 2002 – 2004, they would have diagnosed them with #StockholmSyndrome as the reason why they didn’t leave. But because the young ladies who Kelly kidnapped are Black, the authorities have been dismissing it as them choosing to stay there on their own free will. Simply put, when people ask how Robert Kelly dodged prison, it’s because he rapes Black girls & women!!

It took the producer, #DreamHampton, twenty years to complete the #SurvivingRKelly docuseries and it paid off!! R. Kelly is heated and will allegedly be launching a new website called, in an attempt to expose all of his sexual assault survivors as liars. DOES THIS #MOTHERCLUCKER HAVE NO SHAME!!?? Well, thanks to Dream’s unyielding tenacity, #TMZ reports that the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office has FINALLY opened an investigation into allegations made against the #PiedPiper that launched over the past few days as a direct result of what “Surviving Depicted.”


For all you #RapeApologists reading this essay…nobody is tearing down R. Kelly!! He’s tearing himself down with his sexually predatory, autobiographical songs, his #ToxicMasculinity, his #BlackMalePrivilege and his penis!! #RobertSylvesterKelly is a #TriFuckTa: #SexualDeviant, #Philanderer and #SerialRapist!! You #AssHats who will still buy R. Kelly tickets and listen to his music, #YouJustToldOnYourself!! #ImDone!!



Lisa Durden is a TV personality and #SubjectMatterExpert in the areas of pop culture, politics and social issues. She’s an “A-Plus Panel” Contributor on My9’s “Chasing News.” Ms. Durden is also an award-winning director/producer in film & TV.  In 2005, she launched Lisa Durden Unlimited Productions, a Multimedia Company headquartered in Newark, NJ. She #KeepsTheCameraHot!! #ClapForThat!!


Twitter/Instagram: @lisardurden

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