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Von King Park Neighborhood Hero Retires

On Saturday, November 19th manager Lemuel H. Mial and the Von King Cultural Arts Center honored Leroy Thompson, one of their unsung giants and strong supporters with a “roast”.
His involvement with all the recreation centers, softball baseball leagues, and drum & bugle corps brought out an array of roasters. St. John’s Recreation Center presented him with a plaque. Met Pool’s retired manager Eve Johnson and Sunset Park’s manager Karen Gripper gave their best wishes and a monetary donation from their staff.
Mom Davis had her stories to tell and a personal gift for Leroy. Von King and the Toppers presented him with a 3-seasonal jacket and cap that read “The Mayor”.
The ceramic group had a personal coffee cup and vase with his name scripted. Last but not least, Mr. Mial gave him a winter coat to remember him by with his end-of-the year retirement.
Mr. Mial said in his tribute that Thompson “is one of Brooklyn’s own gentle giants who loves and serves his community. We call him the ‘Honorary Mayor’ of the Von King Park and Cultural Arts Center. He’s always on the job working to make the park as safe and accommodating as it can be.
“You can see him directing the dog walkers and picnicking customers to their proper areas. He is there chasing the youth from the roof or stopping them from playing on the amphitheater steps where many accidents happen on a daily basis during the summer months.
He knows how to set up program areas and is a master operating the handicap lift. Wherever he is needed is where you will find Leroy hard at work.
He is one of the most sincere and real persons that I know. He is a giant and will always be the Mayor of the Von King Park.”

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