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The NFL free agency will officially kick off on March 13 and one team that is surely expected to be active will be the New York Jets. With a potentially franchise-caliber quarterback in place and a new head coach in Adam Gase, the Jets will look to begin the process of a winning culture in the coming 2019-20 campaign. The team will look to benefit from what was a long season in which they were only able to win just four games. The upside to that is they currently hold the No. 3 pick in this April’s NFL Draft. On top of that, with the 2019 salary cap for all 32 teams increasing from around $187-$191 million, a near 5.5 increase from the $177.2 million that was in place for teams in 2018. For Gang Green, this means they will have roughly around $103-$107 million to spend in free agency. The question now is, just what will the Jets do to take that next step? Let’s break it down!

Let’s start with the draft. This year, the 2019 class is considered primarily a defensive class with many to choose from. Although the Jets would like to add some offensive weapons to put around Sam Darnold, it is most likely the team will take a defensive lineup, preferably Alabama’s Quinnen Williams. Offensive lineman, wide receiver and running back are also big needs for the Jets that they will look to tend to in free agency or the draft. As far as free agency goes, I would expect the Jets to do something they have not done in quite a while and that’s think offense. Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell (will turn 27 on Feb. 18) will definitely be a hot commodity. He did not play last year due to a contract dispute, so he should be fresh and ready to go. Question is, is he worth the big-time money he will demand? Will the Jets be willing to dish out the dollar signs to him? A trade with the Steelers with his former teammate Antonio Brown could be possible, as the team could use a No. 1 type receiver.

The Jets will be watched very closely as far as the decisions and additions they will make this off-season. They may very well be a few good players away from someone in the AFC East being capable of finally knocking off the Patriots off the throne. It will be very interesting to see what General Manager Mike Maccagnan has up his sleeve to put together a winning New York Jets team. A sight the Jets fans are pleading for. We shall all stay tuned and get the popcorn ready.

Sports Notes: Eddie’s Feedback of the Week! This past Monday, the Cleveland Browns decided to sign running back Kareem Hunt. Hunt was released by the Kansas City Chiefs after a video surfaced of him striking a woman. My question and theory is this: Yes in some cases, people are deserving of second chances if they take the necessary steps in becoming better people and taking responsibilities for their actions. What I don’t understand is that a team felt the need to give Hunt a chance, yet Colin Kaepernick is still without an NFL job. Never once got in trouble with the law. All he did was take a stand and became the voice of the voiceless for s situation that is still an ongoing scenario today. Is the NFL blackballing him? E-mail me at Also, let’s hear your voice regarding the struggling Knicks and your input on the Browns signing Kareem Hunt.


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