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City Pools are Open

On opening day, June 29th, scores of people were enjoying the waters at Kosciuszko pool. The 29th marks the first day of New York City public pools being open, and immediately huge crowds gathered at the pool located in central Brooklyn.
“It was fun but the water was too cold!” said one girl as she exited the pool.
“Today, it was not crowded, but as long as the kids had fun, that’s all that matters,” said Jah Fountain, who accompanied his two children.

District Leader Robert Cornegy was at the pool for the opening with his daughters Nia and Nala.

All New York City outdoor pools are open each day from 11 am to 7 pm, with one-hour breaks for pool cleaning. However, there are some rules before entering the pool area.
Bathing suits must be worn on the pool deck; street clothing, such as jeans and sneakers, is prohibited in that area.  Also prohibited are flotation devices and water toys.
Erica Walker is glad that the pools are finally open, as she has been attending Kosciuszko Pool since she was a child, doesn’t mind the rules; she did mind that the pool wasn’t open all the way. Despite that, Walker added that she will be back at the pool tomorrow.
Even more pool patrons are anticipated over the July 4th weekend. All NYC public pools are staffed with three or more lifeguards, but during the July 4th weekend, more lifeguards are expected.
For more information about New York City pools, visit the NYC Parks Department Web site at:

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