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Are the Barrons Planning to Switch Seats?

Term limited Councilman Charles Barron was asked by Our Time Press if he is going to switch seats with his wife, two-term Assembly woman Inez Barron.  “I am leaving all my possibilities open,” the councilman said. “I am thinking, if we need, to switch seats. That’s a possibility.”

Local political operatives have been talking about it for months.  Switching seats with Inez would be the safest logical move for Charles, who is in his third term in the council. The couple has already made history by becoming the first husband-wife team to be elected to represent the same community at the same time.

So far, Charles is being coy about his plans. “I am leaving all of those options open. We will be making a decision real soon,” he said. “I am thinking of running for Congress in 2012. Whatever I do, I’ve got to start now, especially if it’s Congress.”

Charles Barron said, “We are going to have some political meetings over the summer with the Freedom Party and our political operatives. If it’s 2013 (and a run for Assembly), I have time. But Congress, I have to start now. We have to make some decisions on Congress first.”

The Councilman recalled when he ran the first time in 2006, he started in February of that election year. “I only had $135,000. I got 15,000 votes,” the councilman said. II was less known and organized then than I am now. I think we can do it. Right now, the discussion is whether or not to do Congress. That’s in 2012. If we are going to do that, we have to make some decisions now.”


It seems unlikely Charles Barron will run for Congress.

Word on the streets is Charles is privately talking about asking his wife to step down from the Assembly, allowing him the opportunity for him to run for her seat. In turn, Inez Barron would run for his Council seat.

The likely scenario would be for Inez Barron to complete her current term, run for re-election in 2012, win again, and then step down. Her husband would then run for her seat. Or, Inez could step down prior to next year’s election, allowing Charles to run for her seat, then Inez could run for Charles’ unexpired term, with a subsequent run for a full term in the Council seat.

Switching seats is not unheard of in Brooklyn. In 2001, Assemblyman Al Vann stepped down from his seat. He ran for Robinson’s council seat and won. Then term limited Council woman Annette Robinson ran for his seat in a 2002 special election and won. Both have been serving in their respective positions since then.

Councilman Barron said he has three options. “I can do Congress. I can switch with Inez. I can even think about borough president. And, I can decide not to do any of that, just do the Freedom Party and run other people, try to develop other people,” he said. “So those are the things I am thinking about. But, right now, we have to make a decision on Congress.”