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Yankees In Disarray

Brooklynites,as well as the city of New York are absolutely puzzled by the recent Yankees losing skid. Last week, the Yankees were atop first place the AL East. A week later, the Yankees are currently 3 games behind the Tampa Bay Rays, who have taken over first place. As it has been well documented by now, the Yankees off-season was one big mess,and in a city like New York, every move you make will be on Sports Center tomorrow. The Yankees are struggling to find consistency from their bats and their pitching. When they get good pitching and get their starters deep into ball games, they can’t hit. When they  are swinging hot bats,their pitcher can barely get out of an inning unharmed with earned runs. The Yankees have lost 6 straight games and 10 of their last 14. Whatever is going on in that locker room,it must be fixed and not linked to the media as has happened with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Yankees were recently swept out of Yankee Stadium by the rival Boston Red Sox, who are right behind the Yankees as well.

On Saturday’s nationally televised game against the Red Sox, controversy broke out once again as long-time veteran catcher Jorge Posada took himself out of the lineup an hour before game time. Several reports indicated that Posada was nursing a back injury, which seemed to be backed up by a tweet from Posada’s wife.It has been reported that Posada was unhappy being placed ninth in the batting order. Reports say Posada went into manager Joe Girardi’s office and asked to be taken out the lineup. According to General Manager Brian Cashman, Posada wanted to leave the team and the Yankees front office considered releasing Posada. In a press conference, Posada apologized to Yankee management. Posada has been a member of the Yankees for 16 years coming up as a backup catcher to his now manager Joe Girardi. Posada was told by Girardi before the season that with the acquisition of Russell Martin, and the upcoming arrival of Yankees “catcher of the future” Jesus Montero, Posada would serve as the Yankees designated hitter.Posada is batting .170 as the Yankees DH. For the most part, the transition from catching every pitch of the game, to sitting and waiting to hit, has beena frustrating and difficult process for him.

The Yankees are in big trouble and apparently their age is being exposed to why they can’t win games. Maybe it’s just a losing funk that every good team goes through throughout the course of a162-game season. Whatever it is, when you play in the city of New  York, everything you do (good or bad) will be recognized. Is it time for the Steinbrenners to shake things up in the Bronx? As we go to press, the Yankeescurrently have a record of 20-19 and what do you know, another team (Toronto BlueJays) are right behind them. The Yankees need to start swinging for the walls.Hitters like Nick Swisher, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez need to get it going for Brooklyn Yankee fan to even think about the playoffs. A team with a $200 million dollar payroll must start looking like it.

Sports Notes: (Baseball) Mets receive more bad news, slugger David Wright isn’t feelin right as a recent MRI shows that Wright has a stress fracture in his back. With Angel Pagan, Ike Davis, and Johan Santana already on the shelf with injuries, this seems to be another dark cloud of injuries for the New York Mets. The Yankees look to snap their recent losing woes against the Tampa Bay Rays, the last game of a 3-game series before heading back to Yankee stadium to start interleague play vS. the New  York Mets. (NFL Football) Day 65 of the NFL lockout,a judge grants a decision benefiting the owners to keep the lockout on. Will this lure into the upcoming season? (NBA basketball)  The NBA’s final four is set.  (Heat VS. Bulls). in the East, Thunder VS. Mavericks in the West finals.

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