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Turmoil at Medgar Evers College Faculty Issues Vote of No Confidence in President's Leadership

After months of chafing under the administration of President William Pollard, the Faculty of Medgar Evers College issued a resolution Wednesday evening detailing the reasons for their vote of no confidence in the leadership of the President and Provost of the school.
“This was expected and long overdue.” Said Councilman Charles Barron when told of the vote.  “He has gone against the faculty and the community.  Elected officials were trying to get him to understand that this is a community institution.  This is not a regular college, this is a college that the community gave birth to.”
Councilman Al Vann said that “As a founder and longtime supporter of MEC I’m deeply disturbed that there were actions taken and decisions made and such confusion exists that  the faculty found it necessary to issue a vote of no confidence.”
Vann said that he wanted the elected officials to come together and meet with faculty to and speak about how they arrived at the decision and also meet with President Pollard and his staff to discuss “this very unusual occurrence.  Not unprecedented, but rare.”
The councilman noted that the chancellor and other stakeholders had to be consulted as well, “So that together we can determine what is just and right in the interest of Medgar Evers College.”
We were able to contact the press office at MEC but there was not enough time for them to issue a statement before we went to press.  The faculty resolution is on page 3.  We were told there would be a response from MEC administration in time for next week’s issue.