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The Porter Foundation, Inc. Annual Scholarship Awards

The Porter Foundation was founded in Bedford-Stuyvesant by the Porter family 20 years ago.
The Porters state that their life goal is to support the Brooklyn community where they reside and have established their business. This support is in the form of scholarships every year to youths of the community who graduate high school and are accepted into a college.
The 18 scholarship recipients who attended the Sixteenth Annual Scholarship Awards Reception on June 25th were an exceptional group of young adults. They effervesce an aura of self-determination and purpose. They had come with thankful hearts and an understanding that excellence was not an option. They had to succeed. Being awarded a $1,000.00 Porter Foundation Scholarship is not to be taken lightly. It came with high expectations and a charge to keep. They are the Future Leaders.
Many prior scholarship awardees, parents and community icons were in attendance. They encouraged the new graduates and gave words of inspiration. There were many “How to Succeed” instruction. Guest Speaker Imani Francis, who received a Porter Foundation Scholarship last year, succulently laid out a road map for success. At seventeen, Imani is beginning her sophomore year at C.W. Post with the goal of becoming a pediatrician. She praised Sankofa International Academy for her early foundation and gave her peers sound advice on how to stay focused academically while enjoying the college experience.
City Council member Al Vann reminded the youths that first impressions are very important, therefore, they must think and act like “A” students. He stated that some decisions and actions can be hurtful and do come with consequences, hence, they should think twice before they act. Alfred Porter, Sr., Chairman of the Board, said selecting awardees this year was not easy because the field of applicants all had outstanding, unique qualities. He encouraged them to think globally and learn foreign languages, especially that of Asian countries which are poised to dominate the world in trade and commerce.
Entertainment was provided by the distinguished Susan McKinney High School Music Choral, but the profound words of Mrs. Doris Porter captured the spirit of the affair. She informed the awardees that they were the “salt of the earth” and are expected to pursue their dreams and be successful, for “where you go, I go”. This enveloping feeling of oneness was created by the Porter family, whose unselfish desire is to enhance their community through education.

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