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The Evolving Wolves

By Eddie Castro
I graduated from Grand Street Campus High School (Progress High School for professional careers) nearly 9 years ago. Wow! does time flies. I remember me telling my friends that my dream is to either play professional basketball or to become one of the best sportswriters to come out of this beautiful borough called Brooklyn! At 22, I got my start at becoming a writer and working on my skills joining Our Time Press. After my first article and seeing my face in the newspaper and coming to tears, I took a minute to think about the time and dedication I put in to appreciate that fine moment. That’s why it gives me great pleasure to let the OTP universe know about these 3 young men from my high school alumni making a step forward towards greatness.

These 3 football stars, wide receivers Taysir Mack, Ahmad Bah and defensive back Justin Phillip were athletes to watch at the school and now have committed to colleges. On January 3rd, Mack decided to take his talents to the University of Indiana after committing to Rutgers earlier in the year. Mack literally made his decision just before his announcement and chose the Hoosiers over the Scarlet Knights after the program (Rutgers) fired head coach Kyle Flood. Mack is a three-star and is the No. 7-ranked prospect in New York State. The 6’-4” Mack is the Brooklyn Courier All-Brooklyn Player of the Year helping GSC towards an undefeated season. He put up some huge numbers catching 66 receptions for 1,210 yards and an amazing 16 touchdowns.

Mack’s teammate, Ahmad Bah, also recommitted with schools as well deciding to play for Rutgers over Buffalo. In his inaugural season with the Wolves, Bah had 33 catches for 727 yards and 10 TD’s. As for the third musketeer of the high school trio, Phillip had 73 tackles, 4 interceptions and a touchdown.

These three athletes not only put in great performances, but give other young athletes in Brooklyn hope that with hard work and dedication dreams can come true. It doesn’t have to do with where you come from or where you been, just have a plan and think “big” on where you’re heading.


Sports Notes: (Basketball) BREAKING NEWS AS WE GO TO PRESS.  On Monday morning, the Knicks have decided to part ways with Coach Derek Fisher. In two seasons, the team went a combined 40-96 during Fisher’s stint with the Knicks. Assistant Kurt Rambis will take over on an interim basis.

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