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Sports: Second Guessing

There is just two months left in the baseball season, and for both New York teams, it has become a tale of two tapes. One team has battled with injuries and looks like they will not make the playoffs in what is a very difficult division the other team is still hanging in there, but going down the stretch and into October it will take a lot more than just one pitcher. The Mets have had yet another disappointing season, with injuries to Jose Reyes, Ike Davis, Johan Santana, and now Daniel Murphy. The Mets have shown very little fight to compete in games on a nightly basis. In a division that includes the Phillies and the Braves, arguably the most improved team in the National League, if you start slow out of the gates, you will be left out in the dust. The Yankees have dominated almost everybody in baseball, with the exception of the Red Sox.

 The New York Mets have had a long season and it looks like it will get even longer as the injuries pile up. The Mets are currently playing .500 ball with a record of 57-57 , putting them in third place in the NL East. There have been a lot of changes since I last reported on the Mets. Daniel Murphy and Ike Davis suffered season-ending ankle injuries and Carlos Beltran was traded to the San Francisco Giants. The Mets’ pitching rotation has been lop-sided all year long. Rookie pitcher Dillon Gee and John Niese have led the Mets pitching staff in wins (Gee with 10 and Niese with 11). That is probably the only shining spots you can say that have highlighted the Mets’ season so far. Mets manager Terry Collins had to envision this was going to be a rebuilding process. The Mets’ playoff hopes may be in jeopardy this season, however, they can still manage to finish up the campaign strong and end the regular season on a high note before dealing with the Jose Reyes free agent fiasco at season’s end.

As for the Bronx Bombers, they have played consistent baseball all year long, however, after a last weekend’s losses against the Red Sox, there are many concerns in Yankee land.


The Yankees currently have the most players on the disabled list. It has been probably the most impressive job Joe Girardi has done in his years managing the Yankees. More than 80 million dollars, maybe even more than that, have been or is still on the DL. Players like Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter is still working his way back, Pedro Feliciano, Damaso Marte, Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain, just to name a few. The Yankees have dominated Interleague play and part of the American League competition. The Yankees have struggled against the Red Sox.

This year, in 12 games the Yankees are 2-10, which includes a 3-game sweep at Yankee Stadium, and defeating the Yankees pitching ace C.C. Sabathia 4 times already this year out of his 6 losses. The Yankees are now 1 game behind first place to the Red Sox at 69-45, which is impressive citing all the key injuries. Mariano Rivera has blown 2 straight saves, and Jorge Posada’s Yankee days just may be numbered. The Yankees must put it together before October arrives. There is no doubt that it will be Yankees/Sox all over again for the AL East pennant. Perhaps a trip to the World Series will be at stake between the two rival teams. It should be an amazing ending of the season.

Sports Notes : (Football) Jets and Giants prepare for the upcoming season. Jets release Jericho Coutchery, sign wide receiver Derick Mason. Patriots sign former longtime Jet Shaun Ellis. Coach Rex Ryan was not pleased. “The fact that he chose them, I’m not going to wish him well.” Giants: First-round pick Prince Akmukamara broke his foot Sunday at practice and is expected to miss 2 months. (Baseball) Yankees head back home as they look to get back on track finishing a 3-game set with the Los Angeles Angels. Mets begin a 3-game series at Citi Field against the Padres.

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