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Simone Gordon: Godmother with Fairy Wings

This month is Women’s Business Month, but philanthropist Simone Gordon,  the nation’s first Black Fairy Godmother, makes helping others her business all year long.  

A Gates Foundation grant recipient, Gordon has become a major force — with invisible wings — for community goodwill.   Among other major efforts, Gordon’s Foundation assists Black and Brown marginalized families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic; helped women experiencing domestic violence and needing to flee and supported families in their efforts to receive food and necessities during their time of need. Her Foundation worked with families and residents from Louisiana to New Jersey during Hurricane Ida – while Ms. Gordon and her own family were dealing with their flooded New Jersey home.

The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation started when Ms. Gordon herself was seeking help for her autistic son, Jarvis.    This banding together galvanized Ms. Gordon to pay it forward by helping others.

Our Time Press asked Gordon, how can parents be the giving presence in their children’s life, particularly when they do not have the resources to give.  She said, “A lot. And being an active presence in their lives is not costly. They can give their kids love, support and direction. As long as one is being the best parent they can be then they’ll find or make ways to be there for their children. . The fairy godmothers in my life were the four women who helped me when I  I needed  services to help with my son’s autism. I reached out to them on Facebook requesting assistance after getting much resistance from social services. One of them were able to get through to them with just one phone call.
  On Saturday, October 30th 2021, Gordon will host the Purple Diamond Awards Fundraising Dinner at Waterside Restaurant in North Bergen, New Jersey.  Actor Antonio Fargas and Grammy Award winner Howard Hewett will be featured.  For more information, visit:

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