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New York Knicks Mock Draft

Tonight, the lives of many college/international basketball players will change forever as they will get to walk across the Barclays Center stage to hear their name called by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. Tonight’s NBA Draft can very well determine who will change a team’s franchise for the next 10 years. This year’s draft class is stacked with a combination of sharpshooters and rim-protecting centers. A few weeks ago, I revealed my Brooklyn Nets Mock Draft to the Our Time Press universe. This week, we focus on the New York Knicks and who they can take with the No. 9 overall pick.

By now, it is hard to ignore all the jokes and cheap pops scene on sports television shows and the Knicks being the “center of attention” of those jokes with yet another losing season. By now, it is well-documented about the roller coaster of the 2 years it’s been for the franchise. From Carmelo Anthony’s time with the team over and done (traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder), and the team firing yet another head coach to Phil Jackson running away with owner James Dolan’s money for failure to improve the team during his stint as President of Basketball Operations. With a new VP and general manager in place, the team must rely on the draft to begin the reconstruction process in Madison Square Garden.

The team needs something or someone to be excited about and yes, even those few weeks that Jeremy Lin took over the city with his great play kind of excitement. With that said, if he is not selected by the first right teams ahead of the Knicks, the team should select Oklahoma’s Trey Young. Although the Knicks do not need a guard, if they decide to select Young, it is a message that the team is not yet all-in on the young Frenchman Frank Ntilikina. Young’s ability to lead a team and shoot from anywhere on the court has drawn comparisons to Warriors’ Steph Curry. If Young can even give the Knicks some flashes of Curry-like play, I think the Knicks will be very happy with that as he develops his game alongside Kristaps Porzingis, who is recovering from injury. Young was considered by many the best college basketball player last year and he himself considers himself the best player in the draft. The Knicks do hope he falls into their laps at No. 9 after swinging and missing on selecting Utah’s Donovan Mitchell and a few years ago they came one pick short of selecting Steph Curry. The Knicks fans hope they can get this pick right and hope Young can provide the excitement and winning pedigree this team desperately needs. Tonight could very well be that night!

Sports Notes:  I want to take this time and dedicate this story to my Uncle/Godfather Roberto Castro. As much as he loved a good meal as well as yours truly, he loved the Yankees and the Knicks. My uncle was a former boxer. In 1974, he captured the Golden Gloves with his sensational performance. He loved reading the weekly issue of Our Time Press. Sadly, due to his lengthy battle with diabetes, my uncle passed last Thursday. I want to take the time to acknowledge this incredible man.


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