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Honoring the Children

Embracing the Best of Our Time: (First Row sitting Left to Right) Janson Chen, Ayan Ali, Dewey Dockery, Zechariah McAllen, Kamreen Frett; (Middle Row sitting Left to Right) Naziah Dorwish, Kayla Haynes, Iysis Skinner, Maeyel Dockery; (Back Row Standing Left to Right) Eve Dockery (Director), Lachanae Terrell, Wasikul Islam, Tasnim Emu, Javeer Frett, Shekeima Dockery (Assistant Coordinator). Unpictured award-winners include: Chelsea J. Williams; Bruce Paul Green, Jr; Jaleel Green and Charles Green.

Last month, The ReHoBoth Mission Community Collaborative Initiative presented awards to children who did well or excelled in school, in the community or at home. “We honored children who are exceeding, almost there, or working to get better,” says Eve Dockery, licensed NYS School Counselor, who developed a three-day workshop for children at Julia’s Management, located at 257 Nostrand Ave. At the culmination of her three-day workshop, which included reading, writing and discussion, Ms. Dockery and the Julia Management team presented certificates to the participating students, and then decided to open the awards ceremony to other community residents. “All children accompanied by a parent received a certificate of honor. Our children have so much going against them, so we need to encourage them to go the distance and to try. They are our future technical analysts, teachers, doctors, gardeners, writers, small business owners, so we should embrace them now.” The ceremony, reception and achievement celebration, sponsored solely by The Event Center at Julie’s Management, took place Saturday, July 14. For more information on the annual event, call Ms. Dockery at 718-398-7312. email: Photo Credit: courtesy of The Event Center.

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