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Coaches Corner: Girls Soccer

Fort Hamilton HS vs. John Dewey HS

Girls Varsity Soccer 10/14/2018

Fort Hamilton High School     Score: 1

Coach: Edward Coyne

We played hard and we got a tie game. It was a good game. It was a lot of fun. We play John Dewey High School later this week. And hopefully we will win the next game.


John Dewey High School   Score: 1

Coach: Nicholas Barkley

I think it was a pretty good game today. Both teams are evenly matched. The defense was good today. We had a couple of defenders make some nice tackles and nice blocks that saved goals. It kept us in the game.


Brooklyn Technical High School vs. Leon M. Goldstein High School

Girls Varsity Soccer 10/14/2018


Brooklyn Technical HS   Score: 2

Coach: Peter Schmidt Nowara

We were frustrated, we had a lot of chances and scored two. I am happy we won.  The team’s defense was phenomenal. It was a frustrating game. Leon M. Goldstein HS played almost the entire game behind the line. In defense of half of the field so there was no space to create an opening to shoot the ball or unlock, their defense was quick enough to move the ball. We were taking a lot of shots and the goalie was solid. They had three girls on the 6-yard box, so they always had someone to step up to kick the ball out of bounds. The game is often played wide open, there is better space on the field.


Leon M. Goldstein HS   Score: 0

Coach: John Gwinn


We played very well defensively, but at the end of the day, it just was not enough.

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