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Bottled: Bye-Bye Columbus

The second Monday in October, Columbus Day, is coming up. Italians all over America are gearing up for parades and festivities in honor of the great Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. October 12, 1492: We’re looking at over 500 years of celebration and not once (to my knowledge) has anybody said…”Hey, wait a second. According to […]readmore

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Did I ever tell you my Basquiat story? He painted the walls for a disco club in my building. When we left, his murals were still up. A corporate office was moving in, so they painted over them. -arm I don’t remember the first time I ever met Jean-Michel Basquiat or IF I ever met […]readmore

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What principle do you believe in so much that you would risk your life for it? Is America getting better or are we getting soft? I grew up in the “assassination generation”, the turbulent 60’s and 70’s, in the midst of riots, demonstrations and wars which made us angry. People, ordinary people, were so angry […]readmore

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Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god….I could be the grandmum of the future King of England. I, a lowly, blue-collar, overeducated and undervalued woman from North Portland Ave. in the Fort Greene Projects of Downtown Brooklyn, could have spawned a daughter who would marry a prince who is only five to seven […]readmore

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KWANZAA Is really for everyone

I have celebrated Christmas all my life. I never thought of it as an exclusively “white” holiday. Now that I know the virtues of Kwanzaa, I cannot think of it as an exclusively “Black” holiday. Although it is true that “Santa” has taken the Christ out of Christmas, there is no denying that that siren […]readmore