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View From Here: Our Strength is in Our Vote

It is becoming more and more obvious that we have a President of the United States that is treasonous in his support of an enemy and maintains his position by his ability to rouse the mob. And it is the street mob that rules today and would rule with ferocity if they win the midterm elections. But they will not win, because we will fight.

The only weapon we have is the vote and we must cast it against Republicans wherever we find them and support efforts against them wherever they are. They’ve removed the funding for cybersecurity and have given every indication they would like the Russians to help them, at least in the midterms, if they do, then the Republicans promise to take action against the Russian “meddling” in the election process.

And I do not understand the insistence and assurances that no votes were changed. The “meddling” as they call it, was overwhelmingly on the Internet with tens of millions of impressions all focused on changing the voter’s preferences for a candidate, or willingness to even vote at all. There is no record of those results because it is the mind that was changed, the perfectly secure machine with its paper ballot which never has to be meddled with.

On the other hand, if the Democrats win the House, then everything changes. Trump will be the center of attention for Democratic House committees and subpoenas will be issued and public hearings held. Knowing this, Trump is already readying the mob by saying the Russians will meddle on behalf of the Democrats. Then when he loses, “I told you so,” will be his whine and there will be no graceful exit for this president. Only a nasty Senate fight after a House impeachment, and then hopefully we can cut to the steps of Marine One and an angry Trump giving his middle finger to the world.

To get him onto those steps will require acknowledgement of the forces working on his behalf: gerrymandering, voter suppression, Russian social media posts and the hundreds of millions in public relations and advertising supported by multibillionaires like the Koch Brothers and the Mercer family and major corporations with their six-figure lobbyists working the halls of Congress.


Our strength lies in our vote and the knowledge that every vote counts and we can help get out the vote in Brooklyn and with contacts around the country. Our collective person-to-person efforts can overwhelm the Russians and all the others.



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