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There is a profound sadness living in this time of Donald Trump, knowing that we will have him, an uncontrollable, dangerous and evil man, occupying valuable space in our consciousness for the foreseeable future, and perhaps for the rest of our lives. We are trapped in his delusions and victims of his tweets until the investigations conclude and we move on to the next level of difficulty, either impeachment and having the sinister Vice President Mike Spence given the power, or he continues in office, continues to tweet and we will continue to fight back. We have to confront the many disasters of his administration, not least of which is his proposed budget. It will never pass, but it does give insight into the essence of the man and his most crafty supporters.

Like the sheriff of Nottingham demanding the serf’s last pig for the king, it doesn’t matter how little you have, this budget demands, in one way or another, that you make do with less. Less health care, less food, less housing, just less in general. It means having to have a side hustle to go with the two jobs that can’t make ends meet, and arguing in the kitchen about not having enough money.

And if you’re rich, it means having more. And to be fair to rich people, they’re all not like DT. He’s a compulsive liar and pathological about money.   He’ll take it from a poor man’s cup and he’ll slit the pockets of a sleeping commuter, but the Russia connection is on a whole different level. Why are so many people around Trump having meetings with Russians and why do they all “forget” to report them?

Were they advising the Russians on how to enhance their efforts on Trump’s behalf? Perhaps Trump’s team was convinced of his losing and were just in it to be paid for the assist in complicating the election and then the plan was to just fade away. But now, like the duo in Mel Brooks’ “The Producers”, they’ve found themselves with a hot potato on their hands and their problems are just beginning.

And soon son-in-law and top presidential advisor Jared Kushner will speak to congressional committees.   And then we will know what assumption of privilege sounds like.

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