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Whose Children? Our Children!!

by Aminisha Black

The statistics on our youth is dismal and demands, deserves the attention of all.  As the numbers rise of youth being killed by guns in Brooklyn, NYC and across this country, I’m convinced that the time is long overdue to resurrect the village whose highest-held value was relationships between humans and the belief that each and every child is born with a purpose and innate gifts to contribute to others.  Elders are responsible for creating means for youth to discover and opportunities to grow their innate gifts.  It requires creating healthy relationships with self and others, it requires adhering to a value system that places a higher value on relationships than material objects.   With the millions of lives taken in other countries by the US military, it’s obvious that this country’s highest-held value is not human life.

What can we expect from a generation of youth living with the prospect of their life being taken by gunfire?  We owe them more.  We owe them LIFE. Every individual who interacts with a child has an opportunity and obligation to make a difference in that child’s life, beginning with parents on the home front and school where the child spends an equal number of waking hours.  Parents and teachers are responsible for the child’s development.   Neighbors or adults who encounter youth on their blocks or in the neighborhood can play a role in Saving our Future. We have a choice- continue to allow children to lose their lives on the streets and in the prisons or do whatever it takes to reprogram ourselves.  Readers are invited to consider “The 3 Rs” as grounding for this Revolution.

Responsibility – Participants take responsibility for their lives because with it comes the power to make changes.   Exploring possible answers to the question “What’s not working?” and exploring all possible causes and changes to explore.  It’s crucial to disallow the labeling of individuals as the source of a problem while exploring solutions.   This replaces the current “Name and Blame”.

Relationship – The world is held together by relationships.  We say the parent-child relationship, being the primary one, shapes the world.  Primary relationships that foster feelings of being loved, capable and responsible produce youngsters who respect themselves and others.  They are motivated to acquire information, participate in constructive projects, work with others as a team and contribute to their community.   While engaging in sports and other competitive activities they can win or lose without the need for revenge.  The foundation is Relationship with Self and the adults wielding the greatest influence in this area are parents, caretakers and teachers from birth.  Healthy relationships equal access to resources.


Results – By summoning the courage to own and state desired results, adults and young people are empowered to achieve.

As quiet as it’s kept, throughout all nature parents take care of their young until they can fend for themselves at an early age.   Our ancestors, growing up in African villages, had a purpose and contributed to the village in meaningful ways from a young age.  Nelson Mandela herded sheep at the age of five.  Imagine the amount of practical knowledge acquired, problem-solving skills and self-confidence that comes from knowing that your contribution is important to the family and the village’s survival. Imagine what today’s youth would experience surrounded by adults in family and school who discover, acknowledge and provide opportunities for them to connect with and share their innate talent.   While the years surviving in a capitalistic system has been costly – after all, if individuals or groups realized their ingenuity and abilities, what effect would this have on profit-motivated   businesses?

At this moment in time, PN suggests the time has come for parents, grandparents, extended family members and community to take a stand FOR our children who has and will continue to inherit the spoils from generations pass.   An invitation is extended to ALL adults to join a movement for all children to discover and be supported in utilizing their innate intelligences in our communities.   The time is long overdue to rescue our children.   Next week, we’ll look at the contributions provided by local community-based basketball leagues which have grown to including female teams.  If your Block Association or individuals on your block provides supportive or recreational activities for the youngsters, share it with  or

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