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WENDY WILLIAMS: The Queen of All Mean-ia

Wendy Williams (Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images)

By Lisa Durden
Once hailed as the uncensored voice of gossip, her recent documentary series, “Where Is Wendy Williams,” has left audiences in shock and scrutiny when it premiered on Lifetime, February 24, 2024.

The world tuned in to see Wendy Williams’ comeback story, but what they got instead was what appeared to be a fallen-down drunk, who was barely coherent. The nation witnessed the rise, fall, and now, the perplexing resurgence of a media icon.

As a long-time admirer of the audacious “Hot Topics Queen” since her days in radio on the WBLS- FM show, “The Wendy Williams Experience,” with Artie Artie Life of The Party and, of course, Goose, it’s both painful yet necessary to unravel the layers of her narrative — to confront the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

So, I felt compelled to write this think piece to break down why many people don’t feel sorry for her and why Wendy Williams, “The Queen of All Mean-ia” is catching “Karma.” Let’s get into it!

Before y’all come for me, don’t! As a staunch feminist and advocate for women’s empowerment, critiquing Wendy Williams isn’t an act of tearing down a Black woman, but rather an examination of a public figure’s impact. #GoodTryTho!

Off the rip, let’s dispel a prevailing misconception: Wendy Williams’ struggles with alleged dementia and addiction are not manifestations of karma. That’s not how that works. Illness does not discriminate based on one’s moral compass. Bad people get sick and good people get sick, too.

No, I do not think that Wendy is facing karma because she is the “Gossip Queen” who talked about everybody and they momma like a dog.

She was simply doing her job and standing on the business that paid her the big bucks, no different than shock jock Howard Stern, TMZ and all the other tea-spilling gossips up in these media streets.

However, it’s undeniable that Wendy Williams: “The Queen of All Mean-ia” is on a tumultuous journey, riddled with drug and alcohol abuse, that has undoubtedly exacerbated her health issues.

So, the notion of karma finds resonance not in her physical ailments, but rather in her relational dynamics.

NOW, I do feel however, Wendy’s conspicuous lack of genuine friendships speaks volumes about her karmic energy. While fame may forge connections, it cannot substitute for authenticity.

Her betrayals, from disclosing confidential information, to mocking personal struggles, have rendered her a pariah. The notion of loyalty seems foreign to her, evidenced by the fact that she exploited personal confidences for public fodder.

She blabbed on the radio that Method Man’s wife had cancer after he swore her to secrecy off the record.

Although she claimed to be NeNe Leakes’ friend, Wendy all but called her broke when she was allegedly “fired” from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

I remember in the early years of #TheWendyWilliamsShow, she was talking about lunchtime cosmetic procedures like Botox that she takes advantage of and how the show’s creator does it, too.

SHE WAS PISSED! Again, celebrity gossip during hot topics is par for the course if you are an entertainer, but Wendy telling people’s personal business, particularly if you profess to be their friend, IS A ROAD TOO FAR!

Perhaps this is precisely why when others observe her betrayal of those whom she claims to be friends with, they’re not inclined to forge a relationship.

The definition of karma is “the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences” – which is precisely why SHE DOES NOT HAVE ANY FRIENDS!

Wendy Williams is “The Queen of All Mean-ia” because she’s done too much wrong, for too dayum long! Which is also why many people don’t feel sorry for her now. They feel like she’s getting what she deserves.

Although I don’t fully agree, I can certainly understand why some folks feel that way.

Do y’all recall the incident when Wendy was on the radio, where she had Goose-drop cow mooing sound effects during an interview, in studio, with MoNique?? Hearing that made me sick to my stomach, to be honest.

She thought that mean shyt was funny! I did not, but I was glad that Mo remained cool as a cucumber.

Sadly, I also encountered firsthand the collateral damage wrought by Wendy’s vindictiveness just because she could. Remember back in 2008 when the talent booker Nicole Spence’s sexual harassment complaint against Wendy and her husband unraveled after it was reported by TMZ?? Welp, it serves as a poignant example cuz I got caught in the crossfire.

Ok, here’s the strong, hot, Lipton Tea. I was my cousin Terrance Bankston’s publicist at the time. He was running for Essex County Freeholder, and I had booked him as a guest on #TheWendyWilliamsExperience.

When we arrived at the studio, Nicole told me that Wendy changed her mind and she wouldn’t be interviewing him. I WAS MORTIFIED!

When I asked her why, she replied, “You know Wendy is crazy.” My response: “Wendy was crazy before you booked my client. So that’s nothing new.”

Once I pushed back, Nicole came clean and told me that Wendy was canceling her bookings, last minute, to make her look inadequate, so WBLS would fire her.


She was retaliating against Nicole for filing the lawsuit, because she had a callous disregard for her professional reputation.

Miss Wendy’s behavior underscores her capacity for cruelty beyond the studio walls and she didn’t care that I got harmed in the process. Of course, I WAS HEATED!

Beyond the hot topics chair, clearly Miss Wendy has been harming people with impunity! Which is probably why after watching “#WhereIsWendyWilliams” people in these internet streets are saying that they don’t feel sorry for her.

And NO, they don’t have to! So y’all need to STOP telling folks how they should feel about her. Wendy did what she did and people feel some type of way about her. #PERIODT!

However, the reason I do feel sorry for her has nothing to do with her health problems and financial issues, it’s because of her tumultuous upbringing.

Wendy’s narrative is filled with the scars of childhood trauma. Wendy herself said that growing up, her own parents called her fat.

Once she even said something to the effect that her father told her she would be pretty if she just lost some weight. When I heard her say that I thought..WHAT THE #CLUCK! Think about it..her own father basically called her ugly. THAT MUST REALLY HURT!

Can you imagine?? Her parent’s rejection and body shaming cemented her insecurities and left lasting scars, in my view.

The profound impact of this emotional neglect cannot be ignored. In many ways, Wendy Williams is the “#TheQueenOfAllMeania” because she is the product of her negative past, grappling with inner demons and unchecked hubris.

The way I see it, Wendy’s downfall is not a cause for celebration, but rather a reminder that “hurt people hurt people.”


Lisa Durden is a prominent National Media Contributor and TV Personality, renowned for her appearances on prestigious platforms such as ABC 20/20 as an ABC News Contributor, Revolt TV’s ‘Revolt Black News,’ and Fox Soul’s ‘Being Black With Tammi Mac.’
Her contributions extend to CBS News, The Dr. Oz Show, and as an #APlusPanel Contributor on #TheOpinionZone for the former ‘Chasing News Series’ on the My9 Network. Her distinctive voice and activism echoes through her storytelling, establishing her as a vocal Social Justice Journalist and thought leader, recognized by media outlets like Newsweek, Ark Republic and Our Time Press.
Instagram: @lisardurden
X(Twitter): @Lisardurden
Facebook: @LisaDurdenTVPersonality
TikTok: @lisardurden

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