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Music Widens Their World

pg6SphinxConcertOf Sphinx, They Sing: When the Black Women’s Leadership Council (BWLC)
informed the Crispus Attucks Elementary School/CS 21 Principal Leslie Frazier (top
row, far left) and Class 5-306 teacher Juanita Johnson (far right) of its desire to invite
20 fifth-graders to be their guests at the 10th Anniversary of the Sphinx Virtuoso
performance at Carnegie Hall, the news was more than music to their ears. The
gift, they believed, would strike a positive and long-lasting chord in the lives of their
students. And it did.

Founded in 1996 by Dr. Aaron P. Dworkin, a violinist, the Sphinx Organization
performs around the world showcasing the talents of accomplished
African-American and Latino string performers ages 12-17. The organization’s
mission is to “transform lives through the power of diversity in the arts, and it
encourages the participation of African-Americans and Latinos in the field of string
“It’s a wonderful event presented annually at Carnegie,” said Elizabeth
Rankin-Fulcher, BWLC co-chair (top row, center). “Among a myriad of other
community services, BWLC mentors youth. We also share the vision and mission
of the Sphinx Organization, and so it is BWLC’s intention( in 2014) to increase the
number of students we invite to these annual concerts.”

The students seen here attending the concert include, in alphabetical order, Jamal
Baird, Jr., Ruben Brito, Brandon Burnett, Yvonna Contejohnson, Lauren Covington,
Joseph Dillon, Brandon Edwards, Kayla Forrester, Skylar Grady, Lalih Harris, Sanaa
Harry, Prince James Harry, Jasmine Hooker, Jaden McKenzie, Jenelle Patrick, Tyquan
Teasley, Naquan Toombs, Caleb Williams and Darien Williams.



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