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Dr. William L. Pollard, President, Medgar Evers College, Steps Down

In a statement issued last night at approximately 8:00pm, Medgar Evers College President William L. Pollard announced that he advised CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein of his decision to step down from the presidency “following the designation of a successor.”

Pollard also stated, “My decision is one that I have contemplated for some time…. I have decided that the timing is now right to move on to the next chapter of my life.

“In this new year, my hopes remain high that Medgar will continue its advancement towards becoming a world class institution. ”

Pollard, who has been the subject of a “no confidence” vote by members of the Medgars Evers faculty and under fire for removing department heads and cutting student services, added, ‘While my selection as president (in 2009) followed many years of administrative experience at respected higher education institutions throughout the country, the spirit of my early teaching years remained intact, as did my deeply ingrained sense of purpose about positively transforming students’ lives through higher education.”
Dr. Pollard went on to say that he and his team “endeavored … to create a responsive, student-centered atmosphere of school and individual pride, intellectual fervor, and scholarly engagement. There were many significant challenges, but my team and I were undaunted. Our gains are very much a matter of public record.” For more information, visit

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