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Students to Participate in Medgar Evers SOAR with STEM

On Friday, February 2nd, some of Dr. Ronald E. McNair Public School 5’s students left their neighborhood school classroom for college campus life. The students were chosen to participate in “The Soar with STEM” Program. The 16-week curriculum, created in concert with PS5, was created to expose students to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. As part of the program, students travel weekly to the Medgar Evers campus to take classes taught by top professors in those fields. In addition to learning about robotics, creating apps, they’re exposed to advance mathematics. The program is part of Medgar Evers College Pipeline initiative.

“We’re excited to have you all here,” said Dr. Terrance Blackman, one of the attending professors. “And we all look forward to having you go out and be successful leaders and millionaires.”

According to the college’s website, the Medgar Evers College Pipeline is an intentionally designed system by which students from Central Brooklyn are guided through a strong K-12 experience, transitioned into college, and then provided high-quality opportunities to be on board into the professional world. The MEC Pipeline rests upon the theory that supporting schools through the Pipeline’s Whole Child, Whole Community model will increase the capacity of not just the students, but also families and the community as a whole.

Located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, the Ronald E. McNair Public School 5 affirms as its central mission that every child has the right to a quality education in a safe and secure environment which reflects high expectations and high academic standards; that literacy is the first and most essential goal; and that every child can, and will succeed, in ways that mirror his or her own aptitudes, interests and culture. PS5 supports collaboration among staff, parents and community groups to ensure that each child will become a contributing member of his or her community, our nation and the world of the 21st century.






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