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Banking on ‘Literacy’: Grade School Student-Run Bookstore Opens

Dr. Ronald E. McNair Public School 5’s Financial Literacy Leadership Team recently hosted a special assembly to launch the opening of their student-run bookstore. The special assembly opened with inspiring words from program participant Olivia Gee.

“As a member of the Financial Literacy Leadership Team, I learned a lot about money,” said Olivia. “I learned about Financial Literacy’s 4 Principles – Saving, Spending, Earning and Giving. Saving, mathematically is adding; Spending, mathematically is subtracting; and Giving, multiplies in the long end.”

Fourth-grade student Serenity Dixon, the creative force behind Slime Surfer – an e-commerce business that produces made-to-order slime – shared, “I learned about identity theft and after the workshop, my rating improved because my customers felt more secure.”
The student-run campus bookstore will allow participating students to share their knowledge with their peers and gain additional experience in customer service and retail management.

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