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Information warfare is not techno-babble, it’s real and the chronicling of the Presidential sex life is the information warfare equivalent of a blitzkrieg.  It is a firestorm of information, none of it relevant to the nations’ business or the lives of its citizens.  This hounding of the President is consuming all media all the time. Granted, we do not expect the President of the United States to be cavorting behind closed doors like a character in a French farce, but surely the personal embarrassment will keep him on the straight and narrow path, at least through the remainder of his term.   His answers in the videotaped deposition were evasive and ludicrous, but that is exactly what the situation called for.  It was a setup and he handled himself well.   
The question should be: why is the ruling elite allowing this foolishness to go on and threaten this Presidency?  You can be surethat there are a number of items on the elite’s agenda and while the country is preoccupied with Kenneth Starr’s obsessions,  corporate lobbyists are hard at work to insure that the interests they represent will continue to move forward.    Those are not issues of universal healthcare, or reform of the criminal justice system, or intensified attention to the needs of children.  
 Then there are interests like the  FBI working on getting the power to track the location of cellular telephone users to within 20 feet of their location and the ability to intercept Internet traffic.    Based on the intensity of Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr’s investigation of the President’s sex life, does anyone feel secure that these powers will not be abused?  
The Republicans and their elite friends want to privatize Social Security and wrap their hands around all of that money.   They want to go forward with the Multi-Lateral Agreement on Investments which will prevent any emerging nation from taking advantage of the laws and tariffs that the global corporations used to grow themselves.  Then there is the African situation which involves the continued depopulation of Africa and buying up the land and mineral rights.  The Republicans want to complete the takeover of the judiciary and complete corporate ownership of the electromagnetic spectrum, federal lands, and the human genome among other assorted projects. 
What this boils down to is who will control the direction of society.
Social control in this part of the world has varied with the times.  In the beginning it was the indigenous people who controlled their populations by spiritually connecting with the land and the universe.   When the Europeans came to these shores, social control was clear as black and white.  The controlling consciousness of the Europeans found it perfectly acceptable to give free land and boundless opportunities to themselves, and slavery and death for the African and Indigenous Peoples.   After a few hundred years of this, the land ran out and direct slavery was no longer providing the financial return it once did.  By 1865 African Americans were costing $1,500 dollars a head and over $2,000 for a person with skills.  At those rates, it was cheaper to let the Africans be free to fend for themselves and pay them by salary.  According to the Census of 1850, salaries in those days ranged from $5.94 a month for female cotton workers in Mississippi, to $29.35 a month for a male cotton worker in Maine.  Combine that with incessant slave revolts the work of abolitionists, and the Civil War and slavery ended and Reconstruction began.
Reconstruction was a social bump in the road between methods of control.   It was a period when the social elite lost control of the African American population, and hence the direction of the country.  This initiative was recaptured by a combination of private and state-sponsored legal and physical terrorism.   Lynchings, murders, theft, and bombings were all used at whatever level was necessary to achieve that goal.
This worked fine through the early part of the century, but began to break down after the Second World War, when contradictions between how the United States wanted to be perceived and how it behaved had to be resolved.   The U.S. could not speak with moral authority and at the same time allow fire hoses and lynching to be used to prevent people from voting.  So those controls were released and a new more quiet method found.  That method was drugs. 

If government agencies are to be judged as people are, that is, not by what they say, but what they do, then it is clear that the primary mission of the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security State is to remove the threat of masses of people exercising self-determination, both at home and abroad.  Internationally, dictators and guns work as well as anything.  Domestically, those methods are frowned upon except in cases of black militants.   White male supremacists such as a Bull Connor with his dogs or Rudolph Giuliani with his helicopters, are steadfast folk, and can generally be counted upon to handle the local uprisings.  But for the mass control necessary, drugs were the deliberate weapons of choice.   Doubters may read “Whiteout” by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Claire.  Their investigation of decades of literature shows that the Central Intelligence Agency has been and remains the overseer of the drug trade.  The CIA is the enabling force that secures routes, contacts and legal protections for the importing of drugs into the United State in general and African American neighborhoods in particular. This may seem a harsh judgement, but since the CIA has never published any of at least four internal investigations of their involvement in drugs over the past 40 years, it is the only inference that can be drawn from reading “Whiteout” or “Cocaine Politics – Drugs, Armies, and the CIA in Central America” by Peter Dale Scott and Jonathan Marshall.  These two works alone have enough information for a real special prosecutor. 
Using drugs is really a no-brainer for the CIA.  They solve several problems at once.  First, internationally, it is inappropriate and expensive for the CIA to write checks directly to coup leaders and teams of mercenaries.  Therefore the drug trade provides a lucrative “day job” for these CIA surrogates.   It’s sort of like contracting out the work and contracting out the payment as well.   Secondly here at home, the drug trade provides income for people excluded from legal enterprises, and, when coupled with the criminal justice system, the trade provides hundreds of thousands of jobs for the working and professional class white population.  Thirdly, the drug trade, again combined with the criminal justice system, helps depress the number of black voters, first by outright imprisonment and second by destabilizing communities.   And here we are at the latest social control of society.  The basic problem is the same as it has been since the enactment of the Constitution and the later classifying of African Americans as citizens, because citizens have a vote, and that’s always a potential problem in a society that wants to be called a democracy.
But it’s a problem that is pretty much solved, judging from the 15% voter turnout in a local congressional election.  Fifteen percent of registered voters may be a record low, or unfortunately, it may not.  But as a barometer of public morale and interest in the system of government, it shows that there is little resistance anymore.
Even so, the elite fluctuates between being dismissive and terrified of the voting potential of the masses.  They know the masses can turn on you at any minute, witness the fall of the Berlin wall, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the ending of apartheid.   That’s why they want to use this time now to ratify systems that will legally bind a population, even after they wakeup.
Operations such as the Unity Party with Mary France on the ballot for Governor of New York, and a Movement for CHHANGE, (Conscious Hip Hop Activism Necessary for Global Empowerment) a new group formed by the Hip Hop Minister, Conrad Muhammad, have in them the kernels of forces that can put the reins of state power in the hands of the people.   Organizations like these can challenge the political system. 
African Americans and others, have to think of the vote as a weapon, and the address book as an ammo dump and start firing from where they are; the couch, the desk, the kitchen table.  A personal call from a friend, family member or acquaintance, telling them about the Unity Party and the candidacy of Mary France, would go a very long way toward giving the major parties a sharp crack across their snouts, and get their attention.   And if everyone who was called, called someone else, it would instantly remove the sex-obsessed reporting from the media front pages.   The only question that will be asked is “What happened?”  We have to ignore the babble and continue to organize, organize, organize.   DG

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