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The Park Deserves Better Than This

Over the past 3-weeks approximately 30 plants have been stolen from Herbert Von King Park on Lafayette Avenue between Marcy and Tompkins Avenues reported Walter Markham, head gardener for the park.  The Park, where the Bedford Stuyvesant Little League takes the field every summer night, and where on holidays, if you haven’t secured your barbecue spot by 6am, you’re looking for whatever is left.   “They’ve been taking them at night and one of the evergreen bushes, a newly-planted Taxus, weighed about 50 lbs. including the root ball which had been dug up,”  suggesting that this was not the work of idle youngsters.    “What I’m afraid of is that the plants will die and whoever took them may come back for replacements” said Markham.  Park neighbors, including the 79th Police Precinct right across the street, have been alerted to be watchful.

Plants stolen from Herbert Von King Park over the last few weeks:
10 Rosebushes
8 Reb Barberry
6 Taxus (Evergreens)
3 Boxwoods (Evergreen)
1 Red Chokeberry

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