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Community and education activists are a major reason P.S. 25/Eubie Blake School is staying open for another year.

But the school’s administrators and parents give credit to the students, who provided the impetus for advocates to go the distance.

Tuesday, June 12, P.S. 25 students worked the school’s garden in the morning, pulling weeds and planting a tree, and they were honored for their academic achievement with certificates and some trophies, in a special celebration with family and friends in attendance, that afternoon. The Garden moment will be covered next week in Our Time Press. Following are a list of the honorees, including the three winners of the Evelyn A. Russell Scholar Award.

Winners of the Art Awards: Ramaya King, Kyamalit Gray, Ashton Sherwood, Azzaria Kilpatrick, Kamiya Simmons, Amina Taylor, Kaleigh Louis, Angel Hayslett, Joshua Sanchez, Melvin Marshburn, Jayes Moises, Makeela Talbot, Kamiya Simmons, Adir Toscano, Jeremiah Etienne, Tanaya Graham, Nathanial Griffin and Tamaya Squires; Winners of the Science Awards: Brianna Simmons, Kyamalit Gray, Amina Taylor, Jayes Moises, Christina Williams, Jen Carlos Hernandez; Writing Awards: Saliyah Barnett, Azzaria Kilpatrick, Michael King, Alou Ndizeye, Jose Abarca, Juan Torres, Kyamalit Gray; Spelling Bee Award: Michael King, Kamiya Simmons, Da’Yah Fitch, Juan Parham; Oratory Contest: Jayes Moises, Azzaria Kilpatrick, Math awards went to the entire class of 3-301 (1st place), 5-119 92nd Place) and Pre-K-001 3rd place with 4-501 receiving Honorary Mention; Technology: Michael King, Juan Torres, Ramaya King, 5-501 Honorary Mention. Evelyn Russell Honors: Azzaria Kilpatrick was the first-place winner and Michael King and Salyah Barnett tied for second place. Gifts for this award included Visa cards from Ms. Aprille, Adam and Aisha, the children of the late alumna. (The winning essays will appear at

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