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Black children can bring a backpack full of fear and

By Michael A. Johnson A Brooklyn, NY white woman dubbed “Cornerstore Caroline” calls the police on a Black child she falsely accused of sexually assaulting her. When, in fact, according to the store’s surveillance video, his backpack, unbeknownst to the child, “accidentally” brushed up against her. The boy is traumatized and confused, he begins to […]readmore

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Sonia Sanchez a Hit at MEC

Sonia Sanchez delivered last week at Medgar Evers College. “The audience was packed with college students, high school students, faculty, writers, artists and the general public as Sister Sonia Sanchez expounded on the role of the artist, the power of an interactive audience and on why we must tell our stories and celebrate our men,” […]readmore

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Community Rallies Around John White and Family

Diverse community members and organizations brought nothing but love to CEMOTAP’s support rally for John White and his family Despite the sweltering heat, Nazarene Congregational Church was packed with supporters. John White sat humbly in the first pew, with his wife Sonia and sons Nahshon and Aaron directly behind him. Rev. Conrad Tillard, Dr. James […]readmore