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PS 256 Parents Building School's Rugby Team

Supporting Innovator’s Rugby
Team and Idea

To make a good idea work, it takes a good man with a good idea and the will to work to make it happen.


Such was the case with Tony Fonville, a parent at P.S. 256-The Benjamin Banneker School, in above photo on far left, whose dream to form a school Rugby team came true last spring.

Supported by funds he sought on his own, Mr. Fonville purchased uniforms, designed the workouts and drills, and managed and coached P.S. 256 students into a strong, competing team. They achieved their goal, becoming semi-finalists at the June 2013 Rugby tournament on Randall’s Island.

Now 256’s Parents Association and Administrators are cheerleading Mr. Fonville’s efforts to take a new team to the championship games in June 2014.


To this end, donations from the November 5 Election Day Bake-and-Book Sale fundraiser will be collected.

“Many schools have basketball, baseball, football and other traditional sports,” one parent told us. “Not only has Mr. Fonville brought a non-traditional sport to the neighborhood.  Rugby may translate to scholarships later on for some of these students.”

The game also offers participating students opportunities for vigorous physical activity and wellness.

Good luck, Mr. Fonville!

For more information on this initiative, contact Ms. S. Hemphill, principal, or Ms. B. Roberts, assistant principal: 718-857-9820.