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Permanent Home For BNS Under Construction at 1921 Atlantic Avenue

The Brooklyn Neighborhood Services non-profit organization will have a new and permanent home in 2023 at 1921 Atlantic Avenue.
And it’s well-deserved.
BNS, a HUD-certified organization, stands on a solid nearly 30-year foundation of consistent good work and service to Brooklyn. Residents, families, youth seeking the resources to stabilize their lives and neighborhood, found them at BNS’ Gates Avenue and current MacDonogh Street offices.
Offering thoughtful, compassionate guidance, education and advice for the purpose of financial stability and long-term ownership are BNS keystones. Workshops, lectures on foreclosure intervention along with the rudiments of home maintenance and financial literacy were a mainstay, so much so that BNS is now an essential in homeowners and the formerly indebted’s survival toolkit.
Its one-stop-shop unique services have expanded, so the new location will hold more resources, programs and resources, and accommodate more people .
“In addition to our Brooklyn Neighborhood Service offices,” the Board informed us, “The site will comprise 193,134 square feet designated for residential space for seniors and affordable housing units. There will also be a 44-car, enclosed parking area; rooftop access for residents; an organic supermarket and feature a community facility operated by Oko Urban Farms, an aquaponics farm and d-education company.
The site is being developed by Dabar Development Partners LLC in partnership with Thorobird Companies, two Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBE).It will be located on city-owned vacant land and three adjacent private lots..
This initiative is part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s efforts to increase affordable housing opportunities for New York City residents.

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