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Only We Can Save Ourselves…

Peace Enforcement

Majid Gadsden
We must Stop the Killing (STK) is a December 12 Movement campaign. This is our black liberation response to the cries of our people over the killings in our streets.
This campaign is modeled after the Black Men’s Movement Against Crack. We aim to agitate, educate, and organize our people to end the killings.
Black youth are not our enemy; they’re exploited by a culture of violence that is promoted to them. Music, movies, and video games have been weaponized against our interests. There is a low positive black male presence in the streets. We lack affordable housing, living wages, and access to affordable health care.

It’s time to wake up black family!!! We are duty-bound to provide solutions to this situation. It is not in law enforcement’s interest to end crime. Their job is to manage it. We are already suffering from over-policing enforcement of the law. Ask Eric Garner, Tyre Nichols, Philando Castile, and countless others. Only we can save ourselves.
We believe WHERE THERE IS PEOPLE THERE IS POWER. STK has been on the streets every week since August 2021. Since then, we have organized a job fair, poetry slam, Kwanzaa celebration, and film screenings. We are open to other black organizations or individuals who want to participate. We give special thanks to New Canaan Baptist Church and New Paradise Baptist Church for opening their doors to us. Your participation is needed. Silence only helps our oppression!

As we approach February 21, the day Malcolm X was assassinated, let us remember how relevant his work is today. He spoke on police brutality, on who taught us to hate ourselves, and on human rights. Malcolm still lives!!!

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