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  By Eddie Castro

Eddie Castro Sports

By now, it has been well-documented on just how long and bad the New York Giants regular season was after having just won 5 games and 3 the year before. Although the team did not have crazy money to spend in free agency this year, the thought for Giants fans is that management would take the necessary steps to improve the team around wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. and running back Saquon Barkley. Since the free agent legal tampering has begun this week, the Giants organization have given Giants fans a reason to scratch their heads.


Earlier this week, the Giants have decided to trade their top pass rusher Olivier Vernon to the Cleveland Browns. Vernon led the team in sacks during his time with the team. Then the team decided that they would not be bringing back their talented Pro Bowl safety Landon Collins. Collins has now signed a 5-year/$84 million deal with the rival Washington Redskins. With those moves already made by the team, they made another one this past Tuesday evening that sent shock waves throughout the NFL. The team has decided to trade their best player, Odell Beckham, Jr., to the Browns. In his 5 years with the team, Beckham, Jr. has established himself as one of the best players at his position in all of football.


With those moves now official, the big question will be what made them press the restart button on the team. Beckham, Jr. was just a year in from a 5-year/$95 million-dollar deal. They just got a first and third round pick and safety Jabril Peppers in the trade, which does not seem to be equivalent to the caliber player and talent that Beckham, Jr. possesses. There were other needs they could have addressed but it is now clear the organization has decided to rebuild for the future. The Giants now have the No. 6 and 17th picks in next month’s draft and with quarterback Eli Manning towards the end of his illustrious career, you would think the team would draft at quarterback to ensure they will actually have one moving forward. This week alone indicates you just don’t know what the Giants organization is really up to.



Sports Notes: (Football) BREAKING NEWS! As we go to press, news came out early Wednesday morning that the New York Jets have signed running back Le’Veon Bell to a 4-year/$52 million deal. Bell was considered the best free agent on the market this year.

Eddie’s Question of the Week: With so much going on for New York football, I have two questions for the Our Time Press universe. What do we think about the Giants deciding to trade Odell Beckham, Jr.? With recent injuries/suspension and sitting out a year, is the risk worth the Jets deciding to sign Le’Veon Bell? E-mail me at and let’s have the conversation.

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