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New Real Estate Office “Brings Knowledge to The Table”

By Iris Hoskins
Broadband Realty opened a few months ago and Irsa Greene, owner and founder, already has a  number of satisfied clients on her list. Located in Bedford- Stuyvesant, she educates and informs people from  Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan on how to invest in homes.
Irsa and her staff of eight people are there to help people prepare for all of the do’s and don’ts in buying and selling homes. They are able to offer service in areas including: consulting, property evaluations, property management, maintenance, financial, tenant relations / communications, mortgages, special programs and notary public.

Proprietor Irsa Greene stands outside her offices at the corner of Halsey and Howard

Irsa’s education and background in marketing, architecture and interior design along with her three-years experience working in a major realty company, has given her the edge she needs with her competitors.  “She brings a lot of knowledge to the table,” said client Bryon Rumph, a project manager who bought a home through Greene and now lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.  
“It is not always about getting a house,” said Greene, “sometimes it is about helping people design a plan.”  Beverly Dunn, speech language pathologist, experienced first hand what making plans with Greene consists of.  With the price range and the location Dunn wanted, Greene knew Ms. Dunn would not be able to afford a house in the community she preferred.
Greene suggested buying a house in another area or buying a condo or co-op in the community she wanted to live in. Now Dunn is happy living in her co-op in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. She is enjoying her neighbors and has a five-year plan for something better.
Getting the best results is something Greene is known for. Keith Bishop was able to get a buyer within three weeks at the price he wanted, Phelik Dadaille house was sold the weekend that it was displayed on the Bedford Stuyvesant  Open House tour. “She works promptly in getting property advertised, ” said Evette Simons.
Greene’s continue success stories have been passed through word of mouth and she has been the talk of the community and quickly becoming the talk in real estate. She gives credit for her success, to her ability to serve people. No matter who walks in her office they can feel like they are gaining something. Knowledge about real estate, a home or and investment. She does not discriminate, a problem she knows exists in real estate and one of the reasons she decided to open her own company. Now she is serving hundreds of clients offering a range from section 8 apartments to $550,000 homes. “It’s about servicing the community, it’s our mandate to make sure that our clients achieve their goals,” Greene said.
Broadband Realty
801 Halsey Street
Brooklyn, NY 11233
Contact person: Irsa Greene
(Phone) 718-443-2255 (Fax) 718-443-4363.

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