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A basic premise of alternative medicine is that all diseases, if properly approached and treated in time, are reversible. This includes AIDS.

What is AIDS?
AIDS is defined primarily by what appears to be severe immune deficiency, and is distinguished from virtually every other disease in history by the fact that it has no constant, specific symptoms. HIV is commonly believed to be the cause of AIDS.  Once the immune system has begun to malfunction, a broad spectrum of health complications can set in. AIDS is an umbrella term for any or all twenty-eight previously known disease and symptoms. When a person has any of those microbial disease or opportunistic infections, and also tests positive for antibodies to HIV (thought by most scientists to cause immune destruction), an AIDS diagnosis is given.

The most common diseases associated with AIDS are Kaposi’s Sarcoma (a form of cancer), viruspneumosysti’s pneumonia, candidiasis and myobacterial infections such as tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis (a disease caused by protozoa that damages the central nervous system, eyes, and the body’s internal organs), cytomegalovirus, and the herpes virus. Other more general conditions not included in the twenty-eight indicator diseases, but often associated with the disease include diarrhea, weight loss, night sweats, fever, rashes, and swollen lymph glands. The common factor that all these disconnected symptoms and diseases revolve around is HIV. If HIV antibodies are detected, these diseases converge as AIDS; if not, then they are diagnosed simply for what they are. In other words, any degree of immune suppression, in the presence of HIV, is classified as AIDS. But the same degree of immune suppression in the absence of HIV, is by definition not AIDS.
Prevention or remission of AIDS itself, after HIV infection, has been dramatically helped by using methods which either retard other infections or which enhance the natural protective, detoxification, and self healing roles of the body, including the immune system which, together with other defensive systems, tries to maintain the body’s proper balance for health.
Whether the virus can be held in check depends on a number of factors, namely where the individual who is HIV infected is starting from, what level is immune function, how much previous disease or infection has there been, what other medical problems are there, and how much toxicity is there from drugs, pollution, and other harmful environmental elements. Other important factors include the person’s nutritional status, emotional state, and stress coping abilities, as well as “life-style choices”, including sexual, that may be helping or harming the defense effort. HIV entering an immune system and having an effect is determined by the strength of the immune system.

Some of the natural alternative methods being used today to improve the health and immune function of individuals with AIDS, and HIV infection include improved nutritional status, detoxification, mind/body medicine,” stress reduction therapies, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and ozone and other oxygen-based treatments.

Diet and Nutrition
Nutrition is the foundation of natural therapy. Consume predominately (preferably totally) organic live (uncooked) food nutrition in an easy to digest form from vegetarian sources only is your best medicare. Eat whole foods with as many essential nutrients and as few additives as possible. Avoid processed or unnatural foods. Use unheated flaxseed oil (omega-3 essential fatty acids) instead of other oils. Do not heat oils (no frying). Eat your largest meal in between the hours of 1pm and 6pm.


Consume fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juices along with a minimum of half a gallon of distilled water daily. Do not drink with your meals only M hour before or two to three hours afterwards. Eliminate all meats, dairy and animal products. Consume vitamins B6, folate, vitamin B12, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin E, Beta Carotene and Vitamin C from natural vegetarian sources (nutritional supplementation). Carrot, beet, cucumber, garlic juice, and wheat grass juice on a regular basis is recommended.

Herbal Medicine
Some herbal remedies most often employed include:
Astragalus (which helps to restore normal immune function),
Carnivora (venus fly trap) builds immune components of the blood and increases B cells, T cells, lymphocytes, granulocytes, monocytes, phagocytes, and other solid components of the immune system. 
Echinacea (purifies blood, neutralizes acids, and removes toxins, a natural antibiotic),
Licorice (has an anti-inflammatory and antiarthritic action and stimulates the production of hormones by the adrenal glands,
Goldenseal (is a tonic, laxative, a healing herb, aids in digestion and appetite, good blood cleanser),
Garlic (has antiviral, antibiotic and antiseptic properties),
Isatis Root (has antiviral properties),
 Prince Ginseng roots (adaptogenic and general tonic),
St. John’s Wort (anitdepressant, antispasmodic, stimulates bile flow, astringent, sedative, relieves pain and antiviral properties),
Chinese Bitter Melon (blood purifier and wards off a variety of infections,
Monolaurin (a virucide and fungicide) Lentinan (extract of shitake mushrooms stimulates interferon, macrophage and NK cell activities, increases antibody production and assists in the synthesizing of lymphocytes.)
These herbs have shown dramatic anti-HIV effects.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is used to increase immune function, white blood cell production, and T-cell production. It also alleviates many of the symptoms related to HIV infection and AIDS. Many patients report a reduction in fatigue, abnormal sweating, diarrhea, and acute skin reactions after and four to six acupuncture treatments. Many describe an improved sense of well being, some report weight gain, and are able to return to longer hours of work.

HIV is heat sensitive and will become increasingly inactive as the body temperature is raised progressively above normal (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) for extended periods of time. This also stimulates the immune system by increasing the production of antibodies and interferon (a protein substance produced by virus-invaded cells that prevents reproduction of the virus) Certain forms of hyperthermia can also be employed as part of a self care regimen. Hot baths are the simplest method of increasing the body’s temperature combined with hot herbal teas and blanket wrapping to stimulate the immune system. Caution: Hyperthermia should only be undertaken with a physicians’ supervision.

Oxygen Therapy
Oxygen Therapy uses either ozone or hydrogen peroxide to combat HIV in much the same way as the human immune system uses self generated oxygen free radicals (a single oxygen atom) to destroy bacterial and viral infections. The extra oxygen atoms in both Ozone (O3) and Hydrogen peroxide (H2 02) break off and link with the invading molecules altering their molecular structure, in effect killing the harmful cells and leaving behind only oxygen (02) Or wafer (H2 O). A recent study found that when HIV infected blood was removed from the body and treated with ozone, the virus was completely deactivated. Nutritional support is also generally recommended with any oxygen therapy, particularly Vitamin C supplementation, which acts as a stabilizing antioxidant agent. For Ozone therapy seek a qualified physician.



There is an absolute vital relationship between a person’s emotional state and their immune system. In cases of AIDS and HIV infection, this relationship has a profound impact on whether the individual maintains or recovers health or whether he or she slips further down into the disease state. Spiritual and mental involvement is necessary to generate the commitment to getting themselves well. This makes the restoration of a positive, realistic outlook that encourages self-reliance, a key ingredient in any alternative approach to HIV infection and AIDS.  AIDS is not a death sentence. Maintain a positive attitude. Follow a balanced, focused treatment program.
It is by concentration on the person with AIDS or HIV, rather than on the illness or virus, that many long-term survivors of both conditions have succeeded in maintaining good levels of health. In the long run it is through a variety of methods, with a focus on cofactor infections, that both AIDS and HIV, may be successfully controlled.

Is AIDS remediable and preventable?
At the Alternative AIDS. Symposium held in New York City in December, 1991, 150 people diagnosed with AIDS were interviewed, presenting their medical history and the terminal prognosis they had been given years earlier. In each of these cases, complete remission had been realized after having followed alternative therapies. The participants avoided A.Z.T. therapy, completely changed their life-styles to a more healthful one, and embraced numerous alternative therapies.  For those who do, there is an excellent chance to live a normal life.

Suggested Reading:
Healing AIDS Naturally by Lawrence Badgley, M.D.; Roger’s Recovery From AIDS by Bob Owens, (The Story of Roger Cochran who made a complete recovery from AIDS through fasting and a natural diet.)
Conquering AIDS Now and a Holistic
Protocol for the Immune System by Scott Gregory, O.M.D.;
Surviving With AIDS by C. Wayne Galloway, M.D. or seek the most recent protocol endorsed by Gary Null in New York City.

Brother Natural is a wholistic health consultant self taught in natural healing and wholistic health for over 20 years.   He has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the State University of New York and has been a  Medical Technologist/Assistant Chemist for the past 15 years.  For further information, contact Brother Natural at the Temple of Purification (718) 783-3465.
By George Gittens a.k.a. Brother Natural

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