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Honored …

Mr. Weston will be honored at this year’s Bed-Stuy Alive, October 13.

Stephanie Faulkner

 Smiling …


I picked up a few hard copies yesterday. I waited ‘til I was in a ‘quiet place’ to read it. This was truly a labor of love on your and David’s part. I loved it. I know Randy is smiling…

Dr. Olivia Cousin

(See Dr. Cousin’s coverage of Randy Weston’s funeral services on Page 8)

Cherished …

I was brought to tears about OTP’s coverage of my guy, Randy Weston.


I celebrated my 70th birthday at Jazz at Lincoln Center with Randy performing — my more than 70 guests practically filled the room (the room was sold out with other folks attending as well).   Randy was fantabulous, including me throughout his performance and leading my guests and the entire sold out room in singing “HB” — it was a wonderful evening which I will always remember.   As he and Fatoumata were leaving Randy slipped his latest book in my hand, personally autographed to me on my special birthday.  

I met Randy late in his/my life but once we met we became fast friends — I adored him — his infectious smile, wonderful conversation and amazing author and musician. I imagine he and Aretha are competing to play the piano!

Thanks for this very special gift – I will miss my dear friend Randy!  

Elizabeth Rankin-Fulcher



Grace …

Thank you.

The Rev. Dr. Robert Waterman

This is absolutely beautifully befitting!

Elder Sheila Carpenter



No Question About Her Love!

She was the most honest singer I ever saw or heard.

When she sang of love, you felt it.

When she protested, you knew what side of the street she walked.


When she hurt, you felt it, also.

When concerned about her people, you knew.

There was no question, too, about her love for her God.

Thank you for your coverage.

Phil Goldman



.. this Deeper Essence


Just when I thought I couldn’t love anything more than your 1st story, you come back with this awesome Part 2 follow-up! The way you capture the essence of experiences – in this case, our food scene that is family-friendly, immigrant impacted, the true spirit of American Cuisine – is so spot on.

I feel what you have captured in words and that’s really thought-provoking for me, as someone charged with bringing our region to life. It’s so rare for a writer to capture this deeper essence vs a simple listing a places to see and experience.


So, in addition to a great story, know that you have inspired the Source Cincinnati team and our ongoing efforts!

More to come – will be working on Film Festival (Sept. 26 – 29) shortly.

Susan Lomax

Executive Director

Source Cincinnati


(Note to readers: Our Time Press columnist Marlon Rice’s Cincinnati stories ran in three issues: (David, Maitefa – please provide dates)


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