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Letitia James for Public Advocate

Ms. James would be the Only Woman

to Hold a City-wide Office in NYC!


Historic buildings are threatened with bulldozers, a parent’s group yearns for someone to listen to their concerns for their children’s safety, a voice is required to articulate the fears of homeowners and small business owners facing displacement, a force is needed to encourage development in a neighborhood, thousands of families in rental buildings are stymied by the repairs needed in their apartments, someone wants access to much-needed healthcare, another seeks equal pay for equal work.

Letitia James.


As everyone knows by now, Letitia James and Daniel Squadron will face each other in a runoff on Oct. 1 to determine who will be the Democratic Party’s nominee for public advocate in the general election in November.

For us, there’s only one.

Since she started office in 2003, Letitia James has been known as one of urban America’s most vociferous fighters.  An attorney, she’s earned a reputation for being an Equalizer , speaking up for the powerless because this is what she does, and this is what she loves to do.  Ask Mayor Bloomberg.

A Brooklyn native, Tish James has been a long-time public servant. Prior to being elected City Councilwoman in 2003, James was a top-level aide to members of the State Assembly, where she played a crucial role in bringing resources to some of New York’s most vulnerable communities. In the City Council, James has been an outspoken advocate for economic and social justice.

The Public Advocate position should be occupied by someone who advocates for neighborhoods and the people who live in them, not for someone who acts for the cameras, and turns up the volume of their sound bites.  What’s of special interest to Tish is the people, not special interests.


She is qualified, she’s a law-and-order lady, unbossed, unfettered, and brilliant.

None of us can blow the opportunity to make sure this woman is in a position to advocate for all of us, to speak up for women, children, families, strivers.

“Too many New Yorkers feel like they can’t be heard, even if they shout out from our city’s tallest buildings,” she has said.  “Well I hear them.”

Those historic buildings on the landmarked block did not come down; those parent found an ear and a proactive spirit; homeowners and small business owners found a champion; and those thousands of families were ensured prompt repairs for their dwellings, and the list goes on.

Yes, Letitia “Tish” James hears them because she is one with them.  So, let’s do New York right, and get our vote right!


In the Tuesday, October 1 Run-off Primary election, Vote for Letitia James for Public Advocate of New York.   Your voice is your vote.  Let it be heard on October 1.

Bernice Elizabeth Green


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