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Hispanics Relegated Politically To Nothing

By Councilman Rev. Ruben Diaz
You should know that during the past primaries the political power of the Hispanic Community was relegated to nothing, while the African Americans enveloped everything.

Reuben Diaz

 You should know that the Hispanic population has grown, with a large enough population to have obtained a citywide and statewide political office. It is unfortunate though, that we, the Latino Community, have never been able to achieve statewide and citywide high level elected positions. The Hispanic people have always been there and used as a political springboard for other groups, but unfortunately that springboard has not, reciprocally, sprung in the Hispanics direction.  

According to an article written by Mr. Leonard Greene, published in the Daily News on Sunday, July 18, stated that the political power of African Americans has practically come to control and have acquired most political elected positions in New York.  

In New York State, African Americans control three high level political, powerful positions, that of New York State Attorney General, State Assembly Majority Leader, and the Senate Majority Leader.

Following these primaries African-Americans’ are shaping up to practically control most of the relevant elected citywide seats, the Mayor’s Office, Ombudsman, City Council Majority Leader, the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn Borough Presidents, and many other City Council positions, Congressional seats, Senators, Assembly members, and even President/ Chairmanship of the Democratic Party in the Boroughs of the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.
On the contrary, the Hispanic Community has been left with the dogs tail; since we have never been able to obtain the unity and solid support of the other ethnic groups to have obtained citywide and statewide positions such as mayor, Comptroller or Ombudsman. Even the Asian Community, having a much smaller population than that of the Hispanics have obtained the citywide position of comptroller in the past.  

When and who will be the Latino that in the future will rise up with the unified support of all and acquire the mayor’s office? We do not know! But we do know that whoever that individual may be, it cannot be one of those opportunists, and traitors who have allowed themselves to be used by others to divide the Hispanic community leaving it politically bankrupt. 


These individuals are the reason why Hispanics have (Politically) been relegated to nothing while other groups take the cake and leave us the crumbs.

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