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Exciting Things Developing at Calabar Imports


Calabar Imports is offering free space to artists, entrepreneurs and groups with ideas they’d like to develop or projects they’d like to launch, but not the space to accommodate them. Currently Yoga and African dance classes are taking place at Calabar shops and owner/founder Atim Oton is excited to see what comes next.
“The offer of space is free, as we believe in the concept of local communities and residents engaging on things that matter,” said Oton. And she’s looking forward to meeting women who would like to explore the possibilities. “We are big on women creating companies and teaching,” she added. “If you have an idea, please contact us at info@calabarimportscom.”

Calabar is also inviting designers participating in Fashion Week, and Oton is continuing to curate and exhibit shows by visual artists she believes the community should know and might support. One such artist Cameroonian Shiri Achu, is on exhibition now whose heart beats through vividly colored celebration of traditional African culture conceptualized in her work. The show is on view now at the Harlem store at 2504 Frederick Douglass Blvd., extended until August 31st.
Both loyal customers and people who happen by and notice the stores are delighted when Calabar has a sale. It’s sometimes difficult to imagine why the unique and beautiful items are still there – what could have been better to sell faster?! It certainly inspires one to stop by more often. There’s a big sale on now across all three stores. (The store not mentioned thus far is the original Calabar at 708 Franklin Ave in Brooklyn.) Vibrant print clothing of all categories in a variety of ingenious designs is on sale now, as well as jewelry, home furnishings, crafts sculptures and more.

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