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Cultural Caravan’s Herstorical Leaders 


These Progressive Women are Framing True Messages to Power: from left, Ann Tripp, Dr. Shadidi Kinsey, Louise Dente, Black Rose, Judge Nichele Muhammad.
(Photo credit: Stella Magloire

Five Black women, representing more than a combined 150 years of tireless advocacy to communities of color in New York and around the nation, delivered forceful, powerful strategies for “Establishing Our Role in 2019 and Beyond–No More Talk–It’s Time for Action” to an audience of more than 200 on Sunday, March 24 at Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration.

Herstorian Black Rose, the Goddess of Afrikan Culture; Dr. Shadidi Beatrice Kinsey, First Doctor of Acupuncture licensed in the State of New York; veteran journalist and WBLS 107.5-FM/Steve Harvey Morning Show and News Director Ann Tripp; Judge Nichelle Johnson Muhammad of Mt. Vernon, NY; and media powerhouse Louise Dente, founder, CEO and producer of the award-winning Cultural Caravan TV and Online Series are members of that pantheon of heroic women who frame “True Messages to Power.”


Dente organized the Caravan panel in tribute to Women’s Herstory Month. It capped a full day of culture, arts, awareness-building and celebration of community with an African fashion show, spoken word presentations, vocal music and performances by members of the Sounds of Brotherhood the Eagle Academy Band. In addition, treats for the Mind, Body and Spirit also included health and wellness therapies offered to the public by the African Holistic Health Chapter of New York.

(Correction: Last week, Our Time Press reported this very live and lively event and discussion of March 24 as a taped broadcast.) 


For information on upcoming programming, live and on-air, contact Louise Dente at 347-804-5810 or e-mail:  (BG)

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