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Women Matters

Brooklyn Paragons of Law and Justice Power NTAC Mentees Hopes/Dreams

Led by The Rev. Dr. Valerie Oliver-Durrah in consultation with The Hon. Wavny Toussaint, Justice for the Kings County Supreme Court (Civil Term) in New York’s 2nd Judicial District, the Neighborhood Technical Assistance Clinic (NTAC) hosted its 2nd Annual Women’s History Month brunch, Black Judges, Black Girls in Conversation, Sunday, March 17th.

A strategic partner and advisor to philanthropists, foundations, government and political entities, public institutions, grassroots nonprofit organizations, NTAC introduced young high-school age women to Brooklyn’s most distinguished women judges, lawyers and other legal eagles.

These Brooklyn paragons and role models of excellence in the field of law — like The Hon. Betty Staton (lower right corner, foreground), executive director, Bedford Stuyvesant Community Legal Services — shared life and career stories and imparted inspiring counsel to the young women who were eager for the personal messages and grateful for the personal attention in the setting of the elegant Peaches Restaurant in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

The topics ranged from community service, civic engagement and justice to etiquette, spirituality and well-being.