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Black Leaders Discuss Concerns at CEMOTAP

Virtual Health Forum, Saturday, January 23

“The U.S. medical establishment has a long legacy of discriminating and exploiting black Americans, the indelible memory of which remains deeply embedded in the collective consciousness of the community. Historically, medicine has used black bodies, without consent, for its own advancement; while, medical theories, technologies, and institutions were used to reinforce systems of oppression.  

“Is it no surprise that blacks do not trust doctors or hospitals? Despite trends in the reduction of racial prejudice over recent decades, the marginalization of black Americans takes place at every level of the contemporary medical system.
“From the a time a person enters the waiting area of an emergency room or clinic to the time spent with the doctor as well as the doctor’s treatment decision-making is all influenced by race and ethnicity.”

Next week, Dr. Kinsey will be featured in Our Time Press’ “In Her Words” Column.

 The above are comments from an article by Dr. J. Corey Williams, M.D., a resident physician at Yale University Department of Psychiatry,  published in The Hill, three years ago, August, 2017. Entitled “Black Americans don’t trust our healthcare system — here’s why,” the question holds today. It will be one of several brought covered in a discussion with Black physicians, January 23, during a virtual health forum hosted by CEMOTAP New York and CEMOTAP Ohio.
The CEMOTAP program, bound to be a powerful one, explores the issue with these doctors — and a lawyer — as America navigates the cruel  effects of the COVID 19 pandemic with more Black dying than any other segment of the population, from the perspectives of their unique personal experiences, and the points-in-fact of American history and racial inequities which pervade all professional fields.  

Among the panelists are:  Professor Vernelia Ruth Randall, Dr. Burnett William Gallman, Jr., Keith Jawara Hunter, M.D., Dr. Neema Hooker, M.D. , Dr. Shadidi Kinsey, Betty Dopson,  and Dr. James McIntosh. 

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