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Bed-Stuy YMCA Fights Diabetes With Education

Looking for a way to change your eating habits or  gain a new healthier lifestyle? Well, look no further than the YMCA’s new program.
The Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA has a new program geared towards diabetes prevention.  The program focuses on healthy eating habits and fitness as well as acting as a support group.
The Y Diabetes Program, which was first implemented nationwide, was introduced to the Bed- Stuy Branch in 2010.  This year’s class is still looking for participants from the community to sign for the third group.
“Last year’s class lost about 60 pounds overall,” said Fabiola Francisque, the Y’s Healthy Lifestyles Director. “The course is run in 16 week increments.  We have workshops on how and exercise.”
The program is geared towards people who show symptoms of being pre diabetic. That includes having A1C level of 5.7 to 6.4.   Francisque mentions that people who are already diabetic wouldn’t be the best fit for this particular program.
The program is open to all Bed-Stuy residents as well as YMCA members.
“So far, we have six people already in the workshop but we need about eight people in order to run the workshop,” Francisque said.
Francisque noted that previous groups still hold meetings at least once a month. The newest group meets on Tuesdays and the door is always open and welcome to new members, she said.
“Diabetes is very common within the African-American community,” she said. “We should be aware of our health status because diabetes can be fatal.”

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