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The Buddha Board

By Chelsea Williams
The Buddha Board came in the mail around Christmas. The company sent three sizes to try. At first, I thought the concept was weird, but then I loved it. I found it relaxing. A soft board to paint on with a paintbrush using only water, actually cool. I love that there is a place to put the paintbrush and it folds flat like a notebook. The color selection is only shades of gray that the water strokes make, before disappearing like invisible ink.
I had a few minutes to practice painting before it disappeared. It’s a great gift for all eco-conscious doodlers who don’t want to waste paper or make a mess. Great for me to perfect my painting technique or Calligraphy lettering. It forces you to remember what you sketched.  Or you can have someone in the family take video of your process.  One thing’s for sure, there’s no big paper clutter. The case is compact and sturdy with a simple design that flips into an easel. This might be perfect for any meticulous-to-a-fault Artist of any age. It’s good for a hospital patient, travel activity or just a Teen Artist like myself who wants something else to do besides looking at the cell. Another thing: there’s no such thing as making a mistake with this Buddha board.

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