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Community News

Local Pols React to Bloomberg’s Stop-And-Frisk Apology

By Bernadette DeVito, Kings County Politics It ain’t good enough for us. That was much of the local reaction to former mayor and now presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s apology for instituting one of his most notable policies during his 12-year tenure. Under the policy remembered as stop-and-frisk, police officers embraced their authority to stop, ask […]readmore

City Politics

Shop-And-Frisk Prompts State Legislation

By Mary Alice Miller A middle-aged foster mom is the latest victim of the city’s retail shop-and-frisk policy. While shopping in Macy’s in the Bronx the woman was detained as she made a phone call at the entrance of the store. She was apprehended by on-site personnel, dragged down to the holding cell, kept there […]readmore

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Barneys And Macy’s Investigated For Allegedly Treating Black Customers Like

Erin Fuchs Businessinsider.com New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is investigating allegations that Barneys and Macy’s detain and question customers based on their race, the New York Daily News reports. The attorney general asked Barneys and Macy’s to provide an array of information about the customers they stop and question, as well as information about […]readmore