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Black Films in New York City: A Couple's Journey

By Lara Louise Telson Eighteen years ago, two young intellectuals set off to accomplish a nearly impossible task: create an international film festival in New York City about the black experience. In 1993, the African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) presented 24 films at the Cinema Village in Greenwich Village; today, ADIFF is 102 films […]readmore

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Green Movements Grow in Central Brooklyn

Last weekend, November 19-21, the first annual conference to forge food, farming and policy solutions for the Black Community convened at Brooklyn College in New York City, convening farmers, gardeners, activists, students and community leaders from across the nation and around the world. The 3-day conference, attended by more than 500 people, was hosted by […]readmore

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Everything But the Moan

We once visited a stockyard in Sioux City Iowa and spoke to some of the cattlemen there.  They said that when it came to making money from a cow, they use “Everything but the moo.”  That this is pretty much the attitude of upstate politicians towards the prisoners held in their districts, becomes apparent in […]readmore