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Black History

Black History5 days ago

The A.P. Black History Course Fails in Telling Our Whole History

AURORA, COLODARO – NOVEMBER 1: Hijab Tekle, 17, left, and Nehemiah Young, 18, leave AP African-American Studies at the end...

Black History6 days ago

Nefertiti: Egyptian Wife, Mother, Queen and Icon

By Laura Taronas Harvard UniversityNefertiti bust in Neues Museum, BerlinPhoto: Philip PikartNeferneferuaten Nefertiti was the great royal wife of King...

Black History2 weeks ago

NAKO & IAAFestival Returns
with three In-Person Black History Programs

On upcoming Sundays, January 29th, February 5th, and February 26th, from 3-5 PM, the New York Chapter of the National...

Black History2 weeks ago

Friday, Jan. 27, Bed Stuy Flight Students Salute the Late Aviation Pioneer Bessie Coleman

We all know the power of black girl magic! From supreme court justice to Vice President of the United States,...

Black History3 weeks ago

Power Moves: Saving Sacred Places,
Rediscovering Lost Values

Text and Photos by Bernice Elizabeth Green In May 2018, Rev. Taharka W. Robinson and his wife, Ms. Bianca Robinson,...

Black History3 weeks ago

National Trust Grants $4m in Grants to Preserve 35 Historic Black Churches across the U.S., including Brooklyn’s Varick Memorial and Harlem’s Mother AME Zion

For more than four centuries, the Black church, America’s foremost institution epitomizing steadfastness, has played a prominent role in advancing...

Black History4 weeks ago

African Voices Magazine Celebrates its 30th Year

A Few Proud African Voices in the Long Song by Maitefa Angaza African Voices (AV) has been celebrating a happy...

Black History1 month ago

New York City’s Infamous Civil War Draft Riots

by Suzanne SpellenThere is nothing more frightening than a mob, nothing more uncontrollable than a riot. And there is nothing...