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77th Precinct covering Crown Heights and Prospect Heights

Gunshot wound

A 15-year-old boy was shot in the right thigh on April 8, police said.     The youth was walking opposite 72 Troy Avenue at about 11:52 pm when the shots were fired.    The victim was taken to Interfaith Hospital and is expected to survive.     Police are investigating the incident.

Burglary haul
A sneaky thief broke into an apartment and swiped electronic equipment on April 6.    Cops said the villain entered through the front door at 585 Saint James Place causing damage to the entrance.      The 26-year-old victim said the crime occurred at around 6:30 pm and the thief escaped with about $5,000 in Apple computers, a camera and expensive headphones.

Kitchen crook
A burglar smashed a kitchen window upon  entering an apartment on April 8, police said.     The thief also damaged a bedroom door at 618 Park Avenue before escaping with an X-Box and a camera worth about $448.     The 35-year-old victim discovered the crime at about 8:30 am.


Stolen property
Undercover cops busted a 29-year-old man on April 7 for having stolen property.     The 29-year-old perpetrator was trying to sell the stolen property inside a bodega at 788 Franklin Avenue.

Youthful robbery
A 17-year-old youth was collared on April 4 for robbing a man, cops said.     The 41-year-old victim was walking on the northeast corner of Bergen Street and Brooklyn Avenue at 9:35 am when four perpetrators beat him to the ground and swiped his iphone.    The suspect, who was identified and caught, was collared at Paul Robeson High School. The school has suspended the thief just days before the arrest.     The phone was not recovered.

Car stolen
A man woke up to find his car stolen on April 9, cops said.    The 32-year-old victim had parked his 2007 Toyota Camry the night before in front of 186 Brooklyn Avenue, and found it missing at about 8 am.    Cops canvassed the area to no avail.

Felony drug busts
Cops made four separate felony busts for criminal possession of a controlled substance last week.     In the first bust a 40-year-old woman was collared at 6:50 pm on April 4 on the southeast corner of Troy Avenue and Sterling Place after police spotted her with a lit marijuana cigar.      After searching her, they also found quantities of prescription-controlled substances.     A half-hour later at 7:20 pm, police nabbed a 24-year-old man with a large quantity of crack cocaine in front of 241 Troy Avenue. They also recovered an unspecified amount of money on the perpetrator.     At about 5:30 pm on April 6 police arrested a 62-year-old man in front of 693 Franklin Avenue with an unspecified controlled substance.     At 4:40 am on April 7, police responded to a call of a car break in on the southeast corner of Nostrand and Saint Marks Place.      The 25-year-old victim led cops to the 45-year-old perpetrator where they found an unspecified amount of hash, two zip-lock bags of marijuana, a glass jar of marijuana, unknown pills and official New York State prescription pads.
Finders stolen     A woman had her computer and related equipment stolen on April 7, cops said.     The 65-year-old victim had left the equipment at about 11 pm on the counter of a bodega at 689 Nostrand Avenue.     When she returned it was gone and the victim told police she thought the store clerk took it.     Also missing from the computer bag was a Kindle with a total value of $2,047 in missing property.

Dangerous car-stop
Police, doing a lawful car-stop on April 10, wound up finding two loaded firearms.     The cops pulled the car over at 3:49 pm in front of 697 Franklin Avenue.     Besides finding the guns in the car, they also found marijuana.     All three occupants of the car were arrested including two men aged 25 and 21, and a 24-year-old female.


79th Precinct covering Bedford-Stuyvesant

Shooting incident
Police are looking for the gunman who shot a man multiple times on April 9.     The shooting took place at about 11:30 pm in the 13th floor hallway of 77 Tompkins Avenue in the Tompkins Housing Development.     The 22-year-old male victim is in stable condition and is expected to recover.     The motive for this shooting is still under investigation by the 79th Pct. Detective Squad.  Robbery      Four thugs robbed a 15-year-old youth on April 5, police said.       The incident occurred at 4:30 pm at an unspecified location.     The robbers took the victim’s backpack containing an ipod and headsets.

Commercial burglary
A thief robbed a store on April 6, police said.     The perpetrator entered the business at 100 Marcus Garvey Blvd. through a sidewalk basement window before escaping with about $500.

Auto theft
A woman had her car stolen while it was running on April 7, police said.     The victim said she ran into a bodega at 9 pm in front of 1053 Bedford Avenue and when she came back out (minutes later) her 2005 Mitsubishi was stolen.     The 79th Precinct Crime Prevention Unit stresses that cars should not be left running and unattended. In addition, ensure cars are locked and all valuables are not visible within the auto.

81st Precinct covering Stuyvesant Heights
Double homicide
Two men were shot to death in a basement apartment on April 6, police said.     Police responded to the 434 Pulaski Street crime scene at 3:15 pm after one of the victim’s father found the grisly scene. Both victims were bound with duct tape and had been shot numerous times in the head and back.      Cops identified the victims as Jason Bostic, 30, who resided in the apartment, and Aaron Formey, 45, of 1373 East 35th Street in Brooklyn.     Police sources said the apartment was ransacked and are theorizing the crime may have involved a drug robbery.     Bostic had three prior arrests for marijuana and three sealed arrests. Formey had 18 prior arrests including multiple robbery charges, grand larceny, illegal weapons, burglary, assault and marijuana possession, police sources said.    The murders remain under investigation.


Two shot
Two men were shot on April 6 following a verbal dispute, police said.     The 21-year-old victims apparently got into the dispute in a store on Stuyvesant and Greene Avenues at about 1:30 pm.     The perpetrator followed them out of the store and began shooting. One of the victims was hit in the foot and the other in the torso.      Both victims were taken to Kings County Hospital and are expected to recover.

Gunpoint robbery
Two perpetrators shot a man with a stun gun and robbed a store on April 11, police said.    The armed bandits struck the store at about 8 pm and escaped with money from the register.    The victim, who was struck with the stun gun several times, is expected to survive.

88th Precinct covering Fort Greene/Clinton Hill
Armed robbery A 17-year-old man was busted on April 4 for armed robbery, police said.    The perpetrator allegedly held up another 17-year-old man after exhibiting both a black gun and a knife at about 8:45 am in front of 75 Fort Greene Place.     The stolen Apple iphone and BlackBerry were not recovered.

Commercial burglary
Two sneaky thieves burglarized a real estate office on April 6, police said.     The perpetrators gained entrance to the 147 Prince Street office through a side window at 4:53 am.     They fled with office computers.
Grand larceny     Chase Bank notified a 65-year-old woman that a fraudster withdrew $3,289 (illegally) from her account, police said.     The incident was reported at 1 pm, on April 6.     The perpetrator withdrew the money directly from the victim’s checking account after using her debit card.

Fast fruit
Two fruit vending carts were swiped on April 6, cops said.     The 46-year-old owner of the carts had left them in 31 North Elliott Place and found them missing at 4 pm. Also taken were two city health permits to sell fruit.     The carts were valued at $2,000 each.


Van stolen
A Chevy van was stolen April 7, police said.     The 1998 van was parked in front of 146 Ashland Place the night before the incident.    When the owner arrived at 8:30 am the next morning it was gone.

Mother arrested
A 45-year-old woman was arrested for felony assault on April 8 for striking her daughter with a broomstick, police said.     The 16-year-old victim was struck in both arms at about 7 pm at 1705 South Portland Avenue, causing some swelling and pain.     Police reports did not indicate the cause of the mother’s temper.

Man shot
A crazed gunman shot a man in a liquor store on April 8, police said.     Before the shooting the perpetrator said, “You think you’re sweet.”     The 31-year-old victim was hit once in the lower back and taken to Kings County Hospital. He is expected to recover.     The incident remains under investigation.