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“My Daddy Changed the World”

-Gianna Floyd, age 6

Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens
District Attorneys Denounce Chokeholds
“We support legislation that would criminalize … excessive force”

As we have seen recently with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and six years ago right here in New York City with the death of Eric Garner, the use of chokeholds and other holds or restraining techniques that can cut off the supply of oxygen to a person’s brain have an unacceptably high risk of death. The NYPD has long recognized the danger of chokeholds, and banned its use nearly three decades ago.
We stand in support of proposed city and state legislation that would criminalize the use of chokeholds and similar restraints by law enforcement officers while making an arrest. We must take action against the use of excessive force by the police.
Police officers risk their lives every day performing a dangerous job, and we are grateful for their service. We offer our support and respect for those who continue to uphold their sworn duty to serve and protect, doing so with NYPD’s core values of courtesy, professionalism and respect of the community.
We also acknowledge the need for increased accountability. We support the efforts of the Council today to pass legislation to amend the administrative code to respect the right to record police activities, to require visible shield numbers and rank designations, and to establish procedures for an early intervention system with record-keeping and reporting requirements that will allow the police department to identify officers who may be in need of enhanced training or monitoring. 
We thank members of the City Council for pushing for the passage of these bills, and for their continuing commitment to keeping all New Yorkers safe.
Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez
Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance
Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark
Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz

Eric Garner
(September 15, 1970 – July 17, 2014)

A Staten Island, NY native, Mr. Garner, 6’3”, described by friends and family as a “neighborhood peacemaker,” was a father of six, grandfather of three, and a former horticulturalist for the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation.
In 2014, the New York City medical examiner’s office determined Mr. Garner’s death was a homicide caused by neck compressions from an apparent chokehold.

George Perry Floyd
(October 14, 1973- May 25, 2020)

Born in Fayetteville, NC, Mr. Perry was raised in the Third Ward of Houston, Texas. He moved to Minneapolis, Minn in 2014. A star high school basketball player, Floyd, a former truck driver, worked in security and protection. He was the father of two daughters and one son and described as a “gentle giant”
by his brother.

Floyd, 6’6, died in the custody of Minneapolis police officers.
Note: Mr. Garner and Mr. Floyd’s deaths were videotaped by observers/witnesses at the respective scenes.

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